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Murreydobe said:
That's my feeling as well. I'd say mine prefer Scooby Snacks taste-wise, but the sheer size of the extra large Milk Bones makes them the overwhelming favorite. They're greedy little suckers!

LOL, Rush has a whole ritual involved with eating his big milk bone biscuits..he has to trot into the living room and eat it lying down on his orthopedic dog bed.
How big are these milk bones? Any that we give are gone in milliseconds although I've only ever seen ones that are around an inch or two in length?

I like milkbones compared to Mother Hubbard since they are significantly cheaper, at least where i am. We give one inserted in a kong every day when we leave for work.

Abby has the same issue with throwing up yellow stuff in the morning if she decided to skip dinner the night before (she likes to fast every so often i guess).
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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