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Military Move

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My sister (Sid) is married to an armed man. Sid’s family is a little large between 2 girls, 1 little boy, Zoe and Boris. In July they will be moving to base for the first time in North Carolina. She knows there are restrictions about weight for the plane, but not sure about the base rules. Zoe is 4 yrs old and Boris is 3 yrs old. (Side note: They had one accident littler, and Sid took them both to see the vet soon after. For me that’s ok because now I have Allie hee hee.) Does anyone have any advise on the move and housing? We all know she is going to need a yard for all 5 kids.
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I think they have restrictions on how many pets you can have but I don't believe there restrictions on how big the animal is...are they going to Fort Bragg?
great web site. I printed out a couple of pages to give it to Sid. I'm not sure of the name of the base they will at. But, I will ask.:write:
Okay, she needs to insure that Military Family Housing will allow Dobermans in their housing because many installations from ALL service branches are not allowing them into housing. Also some installations are cracking down on how big the dog is that can be on base. Dobes were not allowed at my last base, but are here. Pits have not been allowed for a while on any base I've been on.
He is Army? I think the only Army base here in NC is Ft Bragg which is in Fayetteville, NC. There are lots of nice areas around there. I have some friends there, I can ask around for ya.

If he were a Marine, they would be moving to my area, then I could really be helpful :)
Over the last 26 years my family and I have been stationed all over. The only place we never took pets was over sea’s. I’m sure each branch and each locale has different rules but overall, if you can properly take care of it, you can have it.

Military personnel have to pay for their pets to be shipped, its not covered in PCS. If they can drive, they will save and sometimes make a few bucks. We moved from west coast to east coast, I bought a trailer, transported 4 humans, one Dobie, 2 cats one parrot and 43 reptiles with a Durango . Trailer held all the cages, food and our clothes and needed stuff. It was kind of cramped, but I actually made a couple bucks doing this, even with buying a $4k trailer.

Side subject: With housing allowance, I always recommend that military people buy a house. After a 2-3 year tour, if you sell you will at least break even (leave with money in your pocket). If they transfer and rent it out they may not make money each month, but they won’t loose….. and after a few years its worth, much more! A military family can make a payment with what they can get for “housing allowance”….. it may not be as big, but its not next to their supervisors house either.

We currently are selling a home in the Orlando, Fl area that we bout 16 years ag0 rented out when we transferred. We had nervous times renting it, but 16 years later, you can imagine the money we are making…… plus the rules are different for the military…. I have to live in the house two years out of the last 17, to not to pay capital gains taxes! Yup the cash is mine! (except that its going into this house- says the wife lol ).

The military family goes through many hardships….. there are some good things that they can take advantage of.

My email is [email protected] if you or your sister/ brother- in- law have any questions? I have been active duty over 26 years, started as a recruit... been promoted more times then the Admiral over me. I may not have specific answers for the area they are going, but I can find out who knows, doesn’t matter what branch ( I know people that know people- or its my intrusive personality- lol).
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We are also retire Air force (along with several members of my family who are retire and also active duty right now).. and we have all lived and moved all over the world, and moved animals from England to Fl to Crete, to Japan, to Ak, to MO...Please check with the base as to what is allowed and what is not. As for buying a house... As a Real Estate Agent, Be Carefull. the housing market is in a slump right now.. do a lot of research, talk to a local Real Estate Agent about what is selling and how much, how long on the market before it sold, What is the commission rate, marketing fees, What did the seller have to pay for, as in, buyers closing cost, paying points down, help in the down payment, inspections, buyer's selling bonus...?
Good luck how all this helps..
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