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MidSummers night CGC,TDI!!!!

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Yay!!! Duchess had her CGC test and meanwhile for a little more extra work she got her TDI!!! My girl is a Canine Good Citizen and a Therapy dog! Im so proud of her...She didnt behave AS well as in training class but for not using any treats and a buckle collar she did alright! haha. :boldblue:

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Hey thats great news,and a kiss for the man in wheelchair too! got to be a winner everytime.
Congrats. on your TDI, I'm an evaluator for TDI and I'll be glad when mine are ready to be tested.
Congratulations Lapdog & Duchess! Way to go, girls!!!!!
Outstanding Job!

I love the picture of Duchess doing her therapy work.
Yippy!!!! You and Duchess did it!!!!!

Thats great news LD!!!!!

Congrat's to you both.

You sure look like a proud Mommy. I don't blame you.
WHOOO HOOO! Make sure to add her titles in your profile okay!! Show off your work!!

Thanks guys! lol I am very proud :) She definately sneeks in kisses whenever she can. lol. I took some video! but its on my camcorder...when I eventually get around to putting that on a cd/dvd then I hope to share it with you guys! lol
LD that Wonderful!!!! you must be so proud of Duchess! I think that is what I will do with Pollo next, he is so sweet and gentle, I am sure that a TDI would be do-able.

I am so proud of all our doberkids - there are so many titles on them. I just wish we all were closer together!

Way to go you guy's!! I bet you are proud!!:dancing_b
Oh my gosh.........2 in one day! Apollo and Dutchess! And a TDI also!!! We are so proud of you guys :D CONGRATS!!!!!!

:dancing_b :dancing_b :dancing_b :dancing_b​
Congratulations! You both should be very proud, way to go!
Very big congrats!! I'm sure you are very proud of her and you should also be proud of how hard you have worked to get where you are at.

Welcome to the Therapy Dog fold!
Way to go Duchess and LD, I love the picture of her giving the man in the wheelchair a kiss. Awesome work!
I am so proud of all our doberkids - there are so many titles on them.
I so proud of everyones dogs too!! I also would like to say that I think all the support, leadership, and experiences we have all shared helps us all to motivate and get active with our dobes! :)
Wow! Congrats LD & Duchess! Great Job! That is great that you did it.
Congratulations. I know that’s got to be a big deal, having a tdi cert and an option to take your Doberman to places where she’ll be welcomed and she can actually help and make a difference. And to hell with breed misconceptions…
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