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messing in the house

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sorry for all the questions, i've had bronson for about 2 months now. when i got him from the breeder at 3 months, they had him in and kennel in the backyard and he never had any type of housebreaking training at all so i had to start fresh. it took about 1 month for him to establish not to mess in the house. he's been doing great and hasn't had an accident for a lil over a month now. Yesterday he just looked at me and started to pee while walking around, and today i found another spot... yes he is healthy just got back from the vet a week ago. does anyone have any idea why he is doing this.. nothing has change in terms of his daily rountine, food, attention. everything is the same as it was a month ago
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What did you do when he was peeing in front of you? What about training...have you started working on obiedience yet? He needs to learn the word no and you should put him outside or out of sight while you clean up. You don't want him to think that it is ok. No need for hollering just a stern no. He is still pretty young and could have just had a lapse or maybe he really had to go and if you were not paying attention to him notifing you, he made you pay attention. When they are young they really do not the control that older dogs have. If he continues I would take a trip back to the vet. A lot can change in a week and he could have an infection.
i personally do not use the word no cause i think it's so universal. i grabbed him and took him out and praised him outside as he finished up. as far as training i started the minute i got him but it's a long constant battle and i work with him everyday.. thanks for your reply
Supervise him when he's in the house. Take him out at proper times, tell him to go and reward him with praise and or food. Sounds like your on the right track.
He got back from the vet, but they likely didn't test for a UTI at that time... If it happens again, I'd think about checking that out too. Just a thought... When I hear of an animal peeing in front of an owner, my first response is UTI.

You don't use "no" but you do need a correction term or sound so you can communicate that it's not OK, right? That "ah!" term works wonders... catching them amidst the act is key. Good luck!
Honestly....Petey(8 months) had accidents occasionally until recently. He would have had a big drink and then suddenly the urge to go would hit and he would be trying to get to the door, but it wouldn't be in time. Usually this was due to one of my sons, not taking him out when they were told to. They would blame poor Petey....and I would always tell them, its not his fault, it's your mess.

Watch for possible Urinary problems, but it could just be he had an accident...he is still very young.

Carol & Petey!
Just to rule out any infection, I would have a UTI test done, just to make sure. Don't let him be unsupervised in the house, keep him on the leash if necessary. Its like the umbilical cord method. You can keep tabs on him and incase he starts to go, you can quickly usher him out on the leash. Set up schedule for outside potty breaks. Start with a safe time he can hold it and you can start increasing the time as things get better. Get a TiVo or a DVR because you probably will start to miss the best part of any tv show you are watching while you are doing this. The most important part is that when he does go potty outside, make it a very big deal. Lots of praise and rewards. Similar to like winning the Lottery. This really helps to establish this good behavior. If you feel embarrassed doing this, you are doing it right.

I'm still trying to get my new girl to go potty in new areas, not around home and I use this kind of praise method. With the combination of my potty song and excitement praising, I sure get strange looks from strangers. Good Luck
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The spot you found in the house might just be a random "you didn't let me out when I needed to go" but the peeing in front of you like is usually the result of over excitement or submission. At his age he doesn't have complete control over his bladder and will pee in front of you in these situations. I know with our puppy who is 5 months, we have to let him outside immediately when we get home and not say a word to him until he's peed outside or he will start going as he's heading for the door! Remember they're still babies and have a lot of maturing to do! If it is happening more frequently though it might worth getting a urine sample checked.
thanks for all your advice.... i forgot to mention that he had a urine sample taken because i was concerned about a white residue on his tip... everything turned out normal, my wife thinks it's cuz he wanted attention.... thanks for all your words
Isabelle at 7 years old still gets praised for going potty outside. She always gets a good girl or what a smart dog or something to that effect & clapping & pets & kisses. She hasn't peed in the house since she was potty trained unless she had an infection. She is also very vocal and insistant when she needs to go out. She paws at the patio door. If that doesn't get your attention she stands in front of you and whines then runs to the door. If that doesn't get us off the couch she'll stand in front of you and bark - the high pitched one - until you actually get up. It usually doesn't come to the barking though. Good luck. She was easy to train - we always (even still to this day - even when it's 116 out!) go out with her so we know that she's gone. We also mentally keep track of how much she drinks too.
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so here's the deal.. now it's starting to become more frequent bronson messing in the house. i really don't get it he didn't have an accident for about a month and a half now he doesn't seem to care.... he's not squating he's walking a peeing like he doesn't know that he's doing it. today he just starting peeing and walking i caught him becuase he walked over my foot and i felt it.... my question is, if it was a UTI wouldn't get mess in his crate. i've crated him for 10 hours at a time on numerous occasion and not one accident? and if the vet take a urine sample do they automatically test for a UTI or do you have to request it?
Zohran had also a few ' accidents' like your dog, when we had take a walk, he peed outside, when we where back in the house he played with us and his toys then after that we really had to go back outside for another pee! And when he was in his crate he could hold it up for 6 hours easily( at 5,5months). When we couldn't pay attention at him ( and we still do this) we put him in his crate so he can't pee or demolish our house without a 'punishment'. Succes!
i'm gonna make an appointment at the vet again get him checked for a uti. i really don't know what else to do, it's really hard to caught him in the act because he walks and pees.
I just wanted to comment, I would never recommend crating a any dog (but especially a pup) for a 10 hour stretch. I understand everyone works and has responsibilities, but it is just way too much for a dog. It doesn't matter that they "can" hold it, they should not be forced to. As a matter of fact forcing a dog to hold it's urine for that length of time can work to cause a bladder infection. The longer the urine is in the bladder the more bacteria it creates (hense the infection).

Clearly your pup didn't come from a responsible breeder, I'm not picking an arguement, just making a statement. My dad recently bought a pup from an irresponsible breeder as well. Sounds like similar conditions as yours came from, kennel situation, over four/five months old with no work in the house or on housebreaking skills. He is now nearly 7 months old, and still needs watched closely or he will urinate in the house. It's taken them (my parents) a long time to make any progress with their pup, he used to just urinate right in front of them after only an hour after being let outside to go, he just had no concept of "holding it". I'd rule out a UTI now (regardless of any past tests) as the first step. Good luck with your pup.
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Clearly your pup didn't come from a responsible breeder, I'm not picking an arguement, just making a statement.

if you not trying to pick an arguement what would be the point to say your statement....... i really don't see a point do you ?
Clearly your pup didn't come from a responsible breeder, I'm not picking an arguement, just making a statement.

if you not trying to pick an arguement what would be the point to say your statement....... i really don't see a point do you ?
My point was the rest of that paragraph after that. It is a comparison with my folks dog that is having the similar problems as yours, with a similar background from what you mentioned. I thought it was pretty clear....

Fact is responsible breeders don't give their pups that kind of start to life, so if your pup's problem isn't a UTI it is probably related to it's start in life from it's breeder. So you may have a little more to overcome with your training and patience, just like my folks have. That is my point.
does your dog had ready access to the out side? do take him out side frist thing in morning and when thier young take him out every couple hours ps some dobes whine alot over time you get used to it then when thier older they will tone it down a bit
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