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Merry Christmas from Da'Kari & Nash

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Very Nice card....Merry Christmas to you too.
Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year
Merry Christmas!! Wow Nash really passed Dakari up huh? Big boy!
And a Merry christmas to you DK.All i want for Christmas is------------------
---------Nash, send him to me gift wrapped please Di he is one big old boy
Hehehe thanks all and YES he is one big boy! And guess what.... he is going to have a birthday this Christmas Eve. My little man isn't so little anymore, he is a big BIG "1" year old!
Merry Christmas too! Wow Nash has gotten really big.
Great job on the Christmas Card!

Merry Christmas to You, too.
Awwww....Merry Christmas Da'Kari & Nash! Lovely shot, lovely tree, and I see snowmen on a present. Yippee!
What a great Christmas Card! And they look so content standing there for the camera....what did you promise them??? Hehe
Merry Christmas ! Nash looks alot like my Gideon
Merry Christmas, and what do you feed him...........miracle grow?? he he, maybe should get some for Orson, he's always on the small end......right now 8 months & 65 lbs
Merry Christmas to Nash & Dakari from *******, Smokey & Bandit. Don't forget to post pics of the new grandson..I am so excited for you!!!
Aw, look how HANDSOME and pretty they are! We need some more pictures of my favorite red boy. :jonkel: *gulp* I love all reds but that nash is just beaty-ful. and big.

oh, Dakari, and guess what i'll be naming my red dobe when i get one someday...
Thanks everyone, hey bleh, what might that be??? :)
Gorgeous Dobes! A safe & restful holiday to all!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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