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Let me introduce you to Joker:

Joker is an impressive looking 4 year old Dobie who needs a new home. The owner's relatives refuse to visit with their kids unless the owner gets rid of the dog. That is a real shame because the Joker is gentle and well behaved. He is protective around his food tho and for this reason we will not place him in a home with children. Joker is up to date with his shots and is neutered. He is a big boy but showed absolutely no aggression to the volunteer taking his picture. He will be a great companion to someone who is experienced with Dobies (or at least the larger breed dogs). Is not a jumpy dog and he has the typical aloof demeanor that Dobies are known for. He was obedience trained but would probably need to be taken thru for a refresher course. The current owner reports that he is good with cats and other dogs but we don't know that for a fact.

Joker needs a good home:sadcry:

You can read about Joker here

Please visit and see if they have a dog that would make a great new pet for you.

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