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Hey all, here's pictures of Maya with her ears cropped. It was done last monday, and she was 4 months old.

I got her at 3 months old like you guys know, and it was the fastest I could have her done. I paid 275$ plus taxes and the vet had a good reputation. I'm very pleased with the cut, I think it suits her perfectly!

Like Heart4Dobes mentioned, her ears cartilage is very strong, and the ears stand already after a few days. I'm gonna tape them for a few months of course to be sure it lasts. I'm putting neosporin on her ears everyday, and I add calcium supplement to her water at home.

A woman I met who had a few dobermans said it make a huge difference in the quality of dobes ears, and make them stand more strongly.

Although I'm very pleased with the vet's job, I didn't like the way they taped her ears. They had put bandages almost all over her ears, with a metal brace in a U shape, and it was pulling to the back, so the ears were in an akward position.

I felt her ears needed fresh air to heal, and I didn't want her ears to be in such a bad position for three weeks (they said to not touch it for three weeks till we take the stitches off)... I removed the whole thing once I got home, cleaned the ears from dried blood that had fallen off, and put neosporin on her cuts.

Then, I taped her ears myself with medical tape, on the front side, where there's no cut, leaving 95% of the ear open so it can heal, and easy for me to apply the cream. I also taped the ears in a way that they were straight, and holding well.

I re-did it everyday, or when it would fall a bit from her playing. Seems it paid off because she is very happy, and we went for a walk today for two hours, without anything on her ears, to give her a small break, and the ears we're standing all the time! She was smiling back at the sun the whole walk, proud with her new look :p

PS: I know that on the pictures the ear to the left seems less strong, but it was just at this particular moment because it stands like the right one usually, and of course it's only been a few days...After some months of taping these will be strong and beautiful!

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