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Mavis 7/28/98--1/8/06

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Mavis died last night. I buried her this morning.
She was the best dog ever, and the best friend a guy could ask for.
I think she had a heart attack. I heard her howl from the other room, I rushed over to her just in time to catch her last shallow breaths. Then she was gone. It all happened so quick. She was only three weeks shy of turning 7 1/2.
We had spent the morning sitting together on the couch, watching football. Later in the afternoon we went to the Dog Park so she could play with her pals. We had been home only an hour or so before it was her time to go.
She was the perfect dog, smart and pretty. She was a good ambassador for the breed. At the Dog Park she always spent as much time being petted by strangers as she did playing with her dog friends.
I was lucky, I was able to be with her 24-7 for the brief time she was with me. I got her on June 28, 1999, so I got to share a little more than 6 1/2 years with her. Her favorite thing in the world was going to the Mountains for a day of hiking. That's also my favorite thing to do. All those miles of all those hikes all went by way too fast.
I remember how proud I was of her every morning when she carried the newspaper all the way up the driveway and laid it down so gently on my doorstep, asking nothing for her service except a pat on the head and a chance to do her job.
I remember how proud I was when complete strangers told me what a beautiful dog I had.
I remember how proud of her I was every time she learned a new trick, and how proud she was of herself, too.
From the time she woke up in the morning, to the time I tucked her in bed at night, she knew she was loved. I knew I was loved, too.
Please do me and Mavis a favor. Give your Dobies a little extra loving after you finish reading this, do it for us. Because you never know when your best friend will be called home, but when ever it is, it will be way too soon.
I kind of wonder, when we were sitting on the couch together, watching the games, when she was looking up at me like I was her biggest hero, if maybe she was saying "I won't be here much longer, but I sure like being with you!"

Mavis 7/28/98--1/8/06
God Bless My Beautiful Girl
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Oh my heart goes out to you! I cried with you after reading that you lost Mavis! I am so sorry. I asked the Lord above to be with you as this time of sorrow. I will pray for you also.. You were a loving owner for Mavis and I am sure that the memories of your time together will comfort you in the days, weeks, and years to come.
:( Im so sorry...Ill always remember that post "Mavis at the Dogpark" I get so sad about dogs when they pass on that I don't know if I should have them. But the love of my dogs make it worthwhile. I hear so many different ages for Dobermans "lifespan"...that it scares me not to know when. sometimes I hear some that live till 12...sometimes I hear 2...sometimes in between...
Mavis looks so happy there at the dog park! She is lucky that she got to experience life through the fullest and go hiking and got to be with you all the time etc...I know it takes me sooo long to get over stuff like that! so take your time :)
I am so sorry for your loss! What a beautiful life she had. Full of love, caring and most of all a great friend that she found in you. I will most definatly give Gracie extra love from now on!

If you ever need to talk please feel free to pm me, I am always able to listen.
I am so sorry about your loss. I am sitting here at work with tears streaming down my cheeks after reading that. You are very blessed to have had such a beautiful sprit love you so much. She was a lucky girl to have had you too. I am sure she was thankful to have you by her side in her last moments

You will be in my thoughts!
I am so sorry Chaz. You're right, no matter when they go, it's always way too soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was a love.
i am sorry for your loss too,i sit here now thousands of miles away a grown man crying for your loss.Please remember all the good times you had and God bless her,i have been there too as i am sure others of us have.
Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family from Nikita and I. Its so tragic when this happens. please accepted my condolences. We all know how much she meant to you.....
I to am so sorry to hear of your loss, my thourghts are with you at such a sad time, I will take your advice and give all my dogs a extra big cuddle as life is so fragile and we should all keep at the front of our minds that what we have today may not be with us tomorrow.:sadcry:
Oh Chaz, what can I say....... I just can't find the words....


I have done mostly what men do,
And pushed it out of my mind;
But I can't forget, if I wanted to,
Four-Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through--
Wherever my road inclined--
Four-Feet said, 'I am coming with you!'
And trotted along behind.

Now I must go by some other round--
Which I shall never find--
Some where that does not carry the sound
Of Four-Feet trotting behind.

--- Rudyard Kipling---
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So sorry chaz I know how alone it feels when you lose the only pet. take your time to grieve.
I"m so sorry Chaz. I'm crying for Mavis right now.... You loved her and she loved you, you'll be in my prayers....
Oh,no. What can anyone say at a time like this? I didnt check the forum closely yesterday, and today I saw this. I am so sorry, and I do know how you feel. Be consoled with the knowledge that you were with her at the end. It's always sad when a beloved dobe passes on, but I have always felt that the worst circumstance of all would be for it to happen and the dog be all alone at the time. You were with her, and I'm sure she got comfort from that--she didnt have to worry about you, and that's probably the last thing that was on her My heart is breaking for you. Grieving will help, but nothing will ever take her place. I am so sorry.

Thank You to everyone. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts, and thank you for your prayers. It's all very much appreciated. I was at the Vet Tuesday with my Cat, Buford-Terror of the Rats, and she said she would keep her eyes open for a Dobie pup in need of a home. I like this Vet because she has Dobies too. She said what happened to Mavis happened to one of her Dobies a few years back. Her Dobie was younger than Mavis, and to make things worse, she was out-of-town at the time. In her experience it's the Dobies with big chests that sometimes have problems with their hearts, and when it happens, it's right out of the blue; no warning. Just like some people. As you can see from some of our pics, Mavis was all-chest. Today I took my other 3 dogs to the Dog Park, and people I didn't even recognize asked where Mavis was. They asked about her by name. I guess she made a real good impression on people. I thought I would leave you with a photo of Mavis at work. Our driveway is a measured quarter-mile, and the paper-boy drops the paper at the very end of it, so Mavis had to really haul the mail every morning! This pic was taken on a Sunday morning, and on Sundays, the L.A. Times puts out a rather large paper. I always thought that was the naetest thing, watching her bring in the paper, especially on Sundays. Before you know it, I'll be posting questions on the Puppy Forum.
Thanks again everybody.
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awww thats so cute! I wish I could have met mavis lol Duchess would have fun meeting up at the dog park with her!...actually i wish i could meet everyones dobes! I think we all can say we feel like we all know each other's dobes...and so when something like this happens to one of them we are in it together! Thats so awesome how she brought the paper! Has the bag every ripped on a sunday!? lol I think it would be funny to see mavis trotting up with this huge sunday paper and then RIP! all the papers go on the ground...she looks at it...but then continues to trot up the driveway with just the bag lol awww so cute!
Oh gosh I'm so sorry for your loss :( I just lost my cat yesterday. So I kinda know what you're dealing with. At least on the same level as losing a loved animal.

I will keep you and mavis in my prayer's It's not easy. But just remembering all the fun and love you shared is a big reward :)

She's a beautiful dobe....and I can really tell you're very proud of her :D
Oh Chaz:
my Cody died on this past New Years Day. He was just shy of 4 years old. short version of long story it was an autoimune thing that could not have been stopped or prevented. he died in my arms, and I am still crying him and for you.

It's amazing how big a hole our dobes leave in our hearts. every time I turn around I see a reminder. I haven't had the heart to pick up any of his toys yet - they are scattered all over the house - and I have had his collar in my pocket since he left. and I hate coming home at night. Ther is no rocket dog
bombing around the house happy to see me.

If you need to talk, please feel free to reach out to me. Unfortunately, I know all too well exactly how you feel.

God bless you and your pup\

My Condolences.
We're lukcy to have been able to spend time, however brief, with our Dobies. When I was a kid, there was a Donut delivery truck called Helm's. This guy cruised the streets with a truck full of donuts, selling them to whom ever happened to be out and around when he came by. I don't know how much he was getting for fresh donuts, but day-old donuts were two for a nickel. Needless to say, those were our favorites. I can still remember the old guy saying, with his German accent "quantity over quality, that's all you kids care about". I didn't know then what he was talking about, but I think I may finally understand what he was getting at. The time we spent with our Dobies, short as it was, was good time with great dogs. In my case, Mavis came to me just by chance. I was a bartender, and on my bar I had a picture of my mother's Dobie drinking out of the toilet, with a caption reading "Are you tired of drinking the same old crap?". Two of my regular customers told me their Dobie puppy (Mavis) was living in a dog-run, outside, because she liked to jump on thier little (3 yr old) girl. They were afraid Mavis would knock the little girl down one day and hurt her, so they had to be seperated. They told me they were thinking of taking Mavis to Doberman Rescue, but I could have her, if I wanted. So just by fate, we came together. Mavis and I were both lucky, and we both knew it. You and Cody were lucky too. Quality over Quantity.
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Chaz, I'm new to the board, but I read your posts about Mavis and I can tell you were crazy about her. I am so sorry for your loss....and I dread the day mine will leave this earth. {{{HUGS}}}
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