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Martingale Contest!

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Hi Everyone!
Well, Nox has too many collars and he has outgrown his martingale so I would like to give it to a member that has a petite dog.

Martingale details:

Made by California Collar Co. It is black leather with a chocolate top layer and has skulls. Lambskin layer inside of collar. 1.5" wide. Nox's neck is currently 16.5", I can slip it on easily but coming off is a bit of a pain and I don't want it to be permanent.. lol

100th post will win this collar. The only requirement is that the winner must make a donation to Help Rescue A Doberman

Mods if this is not allowed please trash it. Thanks and good luck!
Click on image for a larger pic of martingale.

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Why not donate the collar to a rescue dobe? :)

Just a thought...
Never thought of that. Where do I send it to? :roflmao:
well I can't find an address for DAN, does anyone know it? Also, this is a slightly used collar and it's not new so I don't think they'd use it in an auction. Right?
Ty Sam&Mack ;)
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