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Male v. Female

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I still haven't decided whether I want a female or male pup. I know there are pros and cons to both.... Here are a few things I've heard/read:

"Males are sweeter."
"Females are moody."
"Males tend to be more aggressive/dominant."
"It depends on the litter…"
"Let the puppy choose you…."
"You'll just know, when it’s the right pup/"

Can you see my confusion? What do you think? I'm curious to hear people's opinions and preferences regarding this…..

P.S. please keep in mind, I will be a first-time dobe owner:)

Thanks everybody!!
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I wanted a male because my Beagle is female and for the reasons you already mentioned above...
I have always been partial to male dogs. I have never had a female. I have two sisters and while we were growing up, we each had dogs. I always had males.

But, sometime soon, I will have my first female. This should be interesting.
I would normally recommend a female for a first time owner, but it truly really depends on the dog and on you.
Well in the past with the dogs I've had(no dobes)it's been about equal with boys & girls. But Gaston's breeder made a comment(when he was a baby)by saying there was just something special about the big males. I really didn't understand what she meant at the time, but I now understand. Don't get me wrong I love Roxy to death and she is sooooo sweet but he is just attached at my hip. And I'm not sure exactly how to explain it, but maybe others here with males can help me out or just tell me I'm crazy. I'm sure those with little girls will think I'm nuts! But for the record you'll be pleased with either because it will be a doberkid!!!!
I have only had females until I got my big red boy Sabot....out of all the dogs I have owned...he is by far my favorite!
Even though I adopted Rudi when he was 2 1/2, he is such a sweet boy. I have never had a male dog.......only because "it" gets in the way of a good belly rub. LOL

Rudi is the most non-aggressive lover boy. If I do venture into getting another Dobe (rescue or puppy from a well-established breeder) it will be a female. Atleast when females are done peeing, they are done. Sometimes Rudi kinda walks with it squirting everywhere. Thanks Rudi!
I have always liked females best. But my first was more possessive of me and very protective of my guinea pigs, too much so, she tended to nip people on the back of the leg so quick I would miss it if I wasn't specifically watching for it. Not bad bites, just nips, but people got the message.
The males I've had were more straightforward, if they didn't like you, you knew it.
On the peeing subject, females tend to kill your grass more than males.

I know, :lame: but thats all i got.
I currently have a male and a female. At the bridge I have 2 female and a male. Personally, if I had to only have one it would be a male. I have nothing against the females, there is just something about the males I have had. This is just my opinion....
On the peeing subject, females tend to kill your grass more than males.

I know, :lame: but thats all i got.
Apparently you didn't look at the yard Rudi is laying in on my sig. LOL

I guess mid August with no rain has it's contributions, too!
I've only had male dogs since being married(wolf hybrid, Dobie/Weim mix, 2 Weimaraners and a German Shorthair Pointer). I've always had more then one male at a time and they all got along, and I just love, love, love my male dogs. I really like having two dogs, so now that I am owned by a beautiful 5 month old Male Red Dobie future may hold a female. It should be interesting for me....I am the only female in my house, being mom to 4 teenage sons.

My mom and dad mostly had female dogs, beagles, German Shorthair Pointers, and a Jack Russel Terror. The only male pup they had was the son of their GSHP....but only because I talked them into keeping him!!! He was my big boy and I was his favorite!

Carol ox
We have mostly had females. We had a male poodle that we found and no one ever claimed - he was a sweet boy. The rest are all females. They have been many. . .a few shelties, GSD , GSD mix, Neo Mastiff & muts. Isabelle is my first dobe. She is a velcro dog and prefers me to my husband. She won't get out of bed in th am until I do even though hubby gets up earlier :) She will wake me up if she feels like I slept too long or if she needs to go out. I haven't been "alone" in any room of the house in 7 years! :) I love it though & wouldn't want it any other way :) Now the rest of my family has gone to males & I think our next dobe will be male. We see on that one :)
Imho males seem to make better buds especially in single dog households, plus they are usually so much more goofy!
I love them all but females are my favorite. Not sure why, I just had good luck with them I guess. My daughter has a male (her first) He is 8 or 9 yrs old now. They have two babies (3 & 1) You couldn`t ask for a sweeter dog with those kids and he was the baby first.
Take a look at my sig and guess where i lay my hat!!(having said that my next Dobe will be male,but that is because i am ready for the challenge again)
I would say it depends on the breeder too. If you have a good breeder, they wont just let you pick your puppy. They will place the best one for you. Let your breeder know you arnt sure of which gender you want and they can help you figure it out, as well as the individual pup.

good luck.
I personally prefer my males. I have had males and females (no offense Harmony) and love the males better. I have always had a better bond with them. I bond with the females too, but the bond always seems to be more tighter with my males. My females always seems to be off more independantly while my males are there waiting for the next move. I like that personally. Most people feel suffocated when Asher is around us. How can you deny that look of devotion when he leans into your leg staring into your eyes? But every dog is different and everyones preference is different.
my males are there waiting for the next move. I like that personally. Most people feel suffocated when Asher is around us. How can you deny that look of devotion when he leans into your leg staring into your eyes?
lol, probably why I want a male dobie too.:beer:
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