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Male or female??

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I'm looking to get a Doberman pup and already have a male Golden Retriever, he gets along with everything and everyone but was unsure on whether to get a male or female Doberman pup.
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I am experiencing male on male aggression at the moment so I would say, go for a female.
I just wish I had spoken with these guys before I got my male, don't get me wrong I love him to pieces, but boy is it a nightmare when battle commences.
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What a lovely coat your boy is wearing, where did you get it from, do you know if they have an postal service and what size would your recommend for a Dobe. We don't get really cold winters but my boy is such a whimp when it comes to blowy or chilly weather a coat seems to be a good idea.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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