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Mako and Panzer walking

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Yesterday I took both dogs for a walk together, one on each arm. Panzer when we got him last week would lay down when we tried to walk him so I let him go where he wanted the first few days. Last PM I decided that he has settled in enough and out him on the leash. He wore his training collar and I first I just pulled him a couple steps and he figured I better walk. Each time he pulled I did the tree (thanks to the post that suggested that) and it worked great. After a couple minutes I took both dogs and they did awesome. I showed hubby when he got home and he was thrilled. I am so excited. He is working out great. I was prepared for a lot of trouble and work. I know he may be subjected to it later though, but he is our family and we will work it out.
Thanks again everyone. You all have have inspired me greatly and have contributed more than you know. You really are all a bunch of wonderful people.If there is anything I can do for you let me know. I can do webwork,excell,was a nurse for almost 20 years. heh I am a writer now, can't see how that could help, but if it can in some way let me know. I may have to order a few more copies of my book and send a few a signed copy.
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Well, he is for a sure a doberman :D Smart little monsters. It really amazes me how quickly they learn things (good and bad) And again, I am so so happy that he found a good home :D
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