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mahogany and rust???

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I was at the vet's picking up some meds for Apollo and there was a female doberkid waiting to see the vet. she was a color I have never seen before and her owner called it mahogany. He said that she is from Germany lineage and came from a breeder in NC who had a male that was black and rust and a bitch that was red, but mostly threw b&r pups.

anyone every heard of Mahogany and rust?

just curious...

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What did the color look like? Some reds are darker than others, and in German the color is called "brown" rather than "red".
it was more of a brown. Not like the liver you see on brittany spaniels, but a slight reddish tint. mahogny is a good description - brown nosed too.

I saw her going in to the practice when I was pulling up and I couldn't tell at that point if she were red or black as the sun was in my eyes.

I have noticed that some of the import dobes are a darker red than most I have seen here.
Codysmom said:
it was more of a brown. Not like the liver you see on brittany spaniels, but a slight reddish tint. mahogny is a good description - brown nosed
If the nose is brown, it's a red doberman. Red (more correctly called liver) can range dramatically from almost a tangerine color (eeww) to dark, dark brown.
There is a color which you hardly ever see any more in Dobermans which is almost liver--in bad lighting you'd have a hard time deciding if the dog was brown/red or black. The nose is brown in these dogs.

Judy Doniere, a doberman breeder/judge and I have both seen these dogs--they are characterized not just by the dark coat color but by an extremely wirey coat (not just harsh--which is correct but like a terrier, wirey feeling coat), usually the markings are straw and the eye is inevitably yellow.

I suspect that that particular coat and color was selected against since it is incorrect in so many respects but the color is very very dark--a dark brown mahogany. It's usually dull as well which seems to be a side effect of the coat texture.

I haven't actually seen a Dobe in this color since the late 70's.

I expect what you saw is just one of the many variations on the Dobe brown/red--people like to give inventive names to colors--I've heard the lighter red color referred to as copper penny red.
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On some European websites I have seen them describe black dogs as black/mahogany or black/fire. That may just be a bad translation, I don't know. But in those cases they're talking about black dogs, not red/brown dogs.

I knew a German dog whose coat color resembled a Hershey bar. But he didn't have the other things Bug described. I owned his half brother who also had a dark coat but not as dark as his half brother.
This was not a wiry coat at all. she was very soft and shiny. it was a tad longer than I've seen before now that I think about it.

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