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Magnum’s story:
Magnum is a rescue, but not by “normal” channels. I did rescue him from certain death. By definition he is a rescue.
Magnum belonged to a fella’ in the USAF. He was purchased by said individual as a puppy, AKC registered and then things changed. Magnum is a barker. The original owner had no desire, time or inclination to work with Magnum thru this issue, so Magnum went to the County Animal Shelter. He was micro-chipped, neutered (probably good being Z factor) and offered for adoption.
Magnum was adopted. He had a loving home with some nice people, but he barked quite a lot. This was an issue for Magnum, a very serious issue. Where Magnum lived the county animal control had some strange rules. They were not very forgiving. They didn’t really care about animals, only about control. The county felt that dogs needed to be under total control, and most responsible people feel the same, but maybe not to the same extreme. The county policy about complaints was simple. Three strikes and you’re out. You get one warning. You get one fine. You get one more complaint; the animal is taken and destroyed. Even for barking.
Well Magnum got complained about, and he got his one warning, but he just needed to bark. Then Magnum got complained about again, his family got fined, but he just needed to bark. His humans tried to convince him that he was barking too much, but he just wasn’t sure. Well, Magnum got to on a ride to the store on day and when he came home there was a note on is door. It was from the county. Someone had complained, the county was demanding that Magnum go back to the shelter. Or they would come get him.
Magnum’s family was sad, they didn’t want Magnum to go away, but didn’t see much choice. Then they had an idea… The nice lady that ran the daycare Magnum went to play at some times worked helping foster homeless fur kids, so they gave her a call. She said any fosters had to be scanned, and the county had to be notified. Not a good thing for a dog on the run! But the nice lady said she had an idea, and give her a few minutes to make some calls.
Well you may have guessed the path we are traveling.
I got a phone call from the nice lady and was told Magnum’s story. I asked how much time did he have, and the answer was not good. Immediate surrender.
Three hours of drive time later Magnum was officially on the run. I picked him up that evening. Left work right then, got in the car and drove. With Magnum loaded I headed back south to Florida.

For the record a previous post of mine was not 100% truthful. I apologize. It is 98% truth. Those that disapprove, I fully understand.
madmyk said:
Both of mine are adoption/rescues.
Malia cost $35 to cover vaccinations. Magnum was my B-day present, from same source (no cost to me, same cost for vacs).
Malia came from Lowndes County Animal Shelter, and was a regular adoption. Magnum was given to me before making it back to LCAS.
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