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luna's ears

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okay, so i think we have a problem. luna's ears tilt inward and the tips touch when she is concentrating on something on the ground. i know this could be from pockets. i took pics of the base of her ears and sent them to the breeder. she didn't notice any. she said that the ears could be overcompensating since we might be taping the brace too tightly. not that we don't trust what she said, but we wanted a second opinion of someone who could see her in person. we took her to a vet who does ear cropping/posting here. the vet didn't know the term "pocket," but did know what i was talking about once i explained the word. she checked out the base of the ears, where the natural fold is and told us that she didn't see any problems. she said that it is normal for the ears to tilt in for awhile after posting.

has anyone had experience with this?? besides that, luna's ears stand very nicely, except for the very top of the tips. we continue to post, but we are bothered by this issue. to post, we use a popsicle stick wrapped tightly in paper towel with a cotton cosmetic pad base and then back wrapped. the end with the pad goes into her ear and then we use skin bond on the rest of the post to allow it to stick to the inside of the ear. then, we tape the whole ear and then use a "figure 8" brace at the base to make the ears parallel.

any advice would be appreciated!
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you don't need a brace the brace can cause the problem
I don't think there's ever a time I'd consider it "normal" for the tips of the ears to be touching. I'd leave the brace off, that definitely can cause problems if it's pulled too tight.
yea, i didn't think it was normal, either! the vet was nice and everything, but i'm not sure she knew too much about ear posting. plus, she tried to sell us all sorts of stuff. kinda makes me glad she's not our regular vet.
First off Luna has a very nice crop IMO. I had the same problem for a little bit with *******'s ears. They would touch at the tips especially after being down for a few days. I just kept posting, for about another month and then they stood fine.
My last dobie had this problem and I resolved it by massaging his ears (put your fingers inside the ear and thumbs outside) and rub down. Also, he had a long crop like Luna and I think his head just needed to get bigger. We did not tape anymore for he had stance - just massaged.
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