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My heart is shattered in a million pieces after losing my beautiful red boy but I am trying to continue on..

I was wondering if anybody knows of a reputable breeder that is planning on a litter sometime soon. I am looking for a companion dog, so no need for them to be "show quality"(although I prefer that ear crop style). I am located in Seattle, but very willing to travel. Would prefer to stay in this quadrant of the country. Also I'm close to Canada but unsure about the process of buying over there(not sure they've opened the border yet..). I've reached out to a few between WA, OR and ID but none seem to be doing much at the moment. Hoping someone knows someone I haven't heard about..

Thank you so much for your time <3

-Kelsey Accetta
If you haven't already gone to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America site ( and checked the breeder listing for Washington State you should do that--there are a number of excellent breeders listed around the Seattle area. Some are not actively breeding but worth contacting because the can often suggest breeders who aren't listed that may have litters in the planning stage.

So sorry to hear about the loss of your boy but you really have a number of good breeders around Seatlle.

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