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Looking for cute Dobe sized t-shirts

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I know I know but I need a t-shirt for my girl as on days like today where it's too warm for her fleece but mucky enough that I don't want her totally covered in mud it would be nice to have a few t-shirts for her! Anyone know of some decently priced places that have a dobe sized shirt? She's a regular sized girl but for some reason our local stores cater to the wee dogs.
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Could you use a little girl's (human) shirt? I'm sure "Wally World" could cater to that. I'm positive you could find exactly what you are looking for on ebay too :p
I use to use a sweat shirt. Can't remember what size I got, but I would just cut the sleeves off and cut a V in the neck so it wasn't too constricting around my dog's chest. Worked out great for us on those cold days he insisted on going for a walk.
I could but you know you see those cute ones for little dogs and I think it's unfair that they don't have them dobe sized! I wanted a girly dog to dress up, I know lame but I didn't bargen on a 70lb dog to dress! LOL She has some cute collars and sweaters but she needs like a pink T! I think I will ask my brother as he has a t-shirt company, he might be able to order me something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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