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Wow. I barely joined this forum and I have been readily catalogued. Perhaps is the breeders' ingrained trait. I merely asked if anyone knew about the Erickson breeders because I ended up rescuing Joe Black from a doberman rescue facility in California. In fact my last four dobermans have all come from doberman rescue facilities. All of them have been neutered and I have never thought about breeding any type of dog. I am quite familiar with the desperate situation of many unwanted pets, including dobermans, dying in shelters or living out their lives in rescue facilities. I am a woman of little means and it has been very hard to provide medical treatment for my last four dobermans which, although all lived full lives (10+ years) battled different illnesses which were costly to treat (megaesophagus, thyroid, hip displasya, kidney stones). Joe Black came with a certificate of medical testing and stayed very healthy until about two months ago when he stopped eating and was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and liver and finally died two weeks ago from that (after a huge vet specialist bill). So, please, I urge you to not assume everyone's world looks like yours and maybe listen a little bit more next time, ask questions if you want to truly be helpful, if not, it is okay also. It was just very sad to ask a question and to have the kind of response I received from you Reds which was then quickly endorsed by the rest of "the group."

Perhaps I am barking up the wrong crowd and should stay put with my humble rescuees.

Thanks for reading this. I wish you the best in your world! Goodbye. Bukita
Judging from this, I would guess that is not her website? Perhaps it is the site of the people who owned him before he ended up in a rescue?
I hate to say it but sometimes people dont really read what is said before they accuse others of something? She said in her first post that his FIRST owner lived in Oregon, that alone would indicate the possibility she wasnt the original owner so why jump to conclusions about her being a breeder? Sometimes people should not say things which they dont know until they have all the facts.
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