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I need a behaviorist/trainer is the Lane County Area of OR. My 8 mo old pup is doing well with regular commands, but I need help with some behavior (fear, anxiety) issues. He pees when my BF plays with or calls him over, but only when I'm home! If I'm not there he's fine (wierd:confused:) I've looked online, but am a little leary of just hiring a random person, especially if they will be coming to my home, and I don't think the group obedience classes that are offered are what he needs for this specific issue. (he will be attending these as well, when I find one)

Thanks for any suggestions!!
sounds like submissive peeing. Interesting he only does it when you are home? does your BF play with him when you are not present? what is their relationship like? yours and his? if the pup sees BF as the strong alpha in your relationship, could explain the submissive peeing. Not sure what to do about it - I'm just thinking out loud.
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