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Looking for a pup but not new to Dobbies

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First let me say this is a great site, very user friendly with a lot of information. I found the site a part of my research/homework to find a pup to add to my family. I have 5 and 6 year old children and I know the fun they can have when a good dog is part of the family. I have an adult son and I raised him with dobibies when he was a child. I had my first doberman in 1975. I am big fan of the breed having grown up and trained them myself. The breed took a nose dive for a couple of decades and its great to see them coming back strong. I am looking for a red/female pup sometime this spring or summer. Just trying to get through the weeds so I can find a good friend and companion for the family without having to sell the family jewels. If anyone knows of some good healthy pups coming available this spring/summer let me know. Thanks.
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Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!

Good luck with your research and search for just the right pup/dog.

Not sure if you would be interested, but if you get the chance, please check out a few Rescue Dogs/Pups in your area.
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