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Looking for a good DOBERMAN vet in Southern Indiana

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I have a good vet....well I did....she moved to Seattle. She went to vet school with a woman who also was a doberman breeder. She was a great reasource when my girl was diagnosed with an auto immune disease last year. The other vet in the office is very good. However, after reading a few different threads about other good vets missing symptoms of DCM that are common to the breed....I would love to find a vet that is very familiar with the breed. Can anyone suggest a vet in southern Indiana?

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I wish I could find one as well. I'm towards Plainfield, and was VERY disappointed with the vet when Ripley had her obstruction. I posted on the Doberman Club of Indiana's Facebook page several weeks ago and haven't gotten any leads.
Would be great to know.
Thanks for the would be good to know! Good luck finding one...
Perhaps contact some of the breeders on the DPCA list to find out who they use: DPCA | The Doberman | Breeder Referral

I would also email the DPCA, Indiana chapter club: The DPCA | Chapter Clubs
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