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hodgi - first all, welcome to this great site.
- and thku for not supporting BYB's / nice to see you educating yourself, before the purchase of joy
Several years ago, I had a carpenter install oak steps in our home.
He was not a pet lover, but did make an interesting comment to my wife & I:
- 20 years in the trade, and our house was the only one with a large dog...that he couldn't smell
Our dog was feed quality & expensive holistic/organic kibble...still cheaper than vet bills (our girl will be 11 y/o in December).
I didn't buy puppy food...used "all life stages" from 8 weeks old (now blend - Holistic Blend lamb&rice and Organix chicken)
- our dog is not even bathed (doesn't smell or have bad gas)

Training in OB is preferred, but puppy eye focus starts with loads of playing together...having lots of fun & sharing much love.
- if you get this early stage right...and invest the quality time, early in the puppies development / formal training is a piece of cake
Ending up with a true companion, smart & affectionate dog.

Puppy Training:
More Info, see Post #13
Dog focus come easier from engaging play with mental stimulating games, involving your constant eye contact with the pup.
Getting to the point when your dog has his GPS on you / and tracking your everyday movements becomes his/her job of choice.
I believe in these training games...daily (a least 1 hour, but I spent many hours on the living room floor, playing nightly):
- tug of war
- fetch
- gonna get you
- muzzle & soft bite control
- hide and seek
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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