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We went to the vet today, and they're having a "Prom" photo contest. They set up a little area for pets to put on props and take a photo with a background. Winner gets a goodie bag of fun toys and stuff! The contest is through May, so I'm going to go back there and take another pic with Zeus without his posts in when I next take them down, as I don't think people understand what they are. Most people think he's had some ear trauma when I take him for walks and give me weird looks. -.- Ear casts or something. lol.


Anyway, check out my handsome boy! Prom already? They grow up so fast!


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OMG is he a Mr. Handsome / can't say cute, we will save that one for his cheerleader date.
- he got those dreamy eyes / and the girls just fall over themselves, when he struts down the school hall
- and probably the "all star quarter back", on the HS football team / that goes to the State championships
- would be a good photo for, the DT calendar...puppy month
- Zeus ear posts, are even his tuxedo collar / young "stub muffin"

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Just say he burnt his ears on the muffler of car , they will understand that:2smile:

He is just a baby that does not have a clue ! I am sure he will be a undeniable stud in a year. Nice pup

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What a sweet EARNEST face! Omg, he鈥檚 adorable!!! And that bow tie, ahhhhhhhhh CUTE,

I notice he is wearing a prong collar and I鈥檇 just like to introduce some thoughts to you about using that on your puppy, because they can really cause significant pain and even injury to a puppy that young. Saw many instances of pierced skin and severe bruising from these collars over the years of owning a vet clinic.

Dobermans have a much higher rate of serious cervical and spine issues than other breeds, so, relying on a collar to control your puppy鈥檚 movement movement is a set up for future problems. Here鈥檚 some more food for thought.

Why This Veterinarian Thinks Prong Collars Are Bad for Dogs

Another big problem with prong collars is that they do not TEACH your puppy anything except to avoid pain around the neck ONLY when the prong collar is on. The concurrent learning to the, 鈥淥weee! Dang, that stinky collar is on, better not pull,鈥 is the rebound behavior the pup learns to do when he鈥檚 not wearing the collar. 鈥淲heeeeee, no stinky collar!! Full steam ahead! Hell for leather! Human? What human? VaVaVoooooooooom!鈥 This rebound learning to strongly pull when the prong collar is not on is such a powerful concurrent learning that I believe you could interview almost every prong collar user on the planet and they would say that they absolutely dread walking the dog without a prong collar.

So, when you use a prong collar, you become dependent on a prong collar because it is nothing more than a device causing pain which controls the puppy鈥檚 movement, not anything that the puppy has actually learned about walking on leash. When it鈥檚 off, then pulling is terrible. In my experience and in the experience of many very good trainers, this device does not set up any teaching of loose leash walking nor does it teach the dog to check in with the owner and be responsive to leash pressure and staying in the immediate area of the human.

What does strongly contribute to very good foundation learning is a front-clip harness. This is the one I use and absolutely love! It is really great for distributing pressure and fits the Doberman deep chest. Many people also use the easy-walk harness which you can pick up in any pet store.

With the front clip harness, anytime the puppy pulls he is automatically turned back to face the owner and this is a perfect opportunity to Mark/Reward your puppy for checking in with you. It鈥檚 magic! You didn鈥檛 have to fuss or nag or cause any pain or use a lure to get your puppy to do something very desirable. Using this device not only spreads any pulling pressure out across a very broad area of muscle and bone, the chest, every time you walk the dog it sets MULTIPLE situations for TEACHING an awesome behavior: stay close to my human and check in often when we are out walking.

Your puppy is, by the nature of the physics of wearing a front clip harness, turned back to you when he puts pressure on the leash. I call this 鈥渁n opportunity to teach check in behavior鈥. At first, the puppy doesn鈥檛 put any value on being turned back to you because he just wants to go forward, no matter what; even if the sky is raining fire, he just wants to dash on and investigate the world! Human? Noooooooo! World! But! If you mark and reward the turn back to you many times on every walk (just take his kibble and feed him his meal this way!), you will VERY SOON have a puppy who is extremely responsive to your position while on leash and who is responding to leash pressure by checking in with you. Wow!!

So, I hope you will invest in a front clip harness and have a lot of fun with the training and report back on what a very good puppy you have on walks! Oh yeah, and also show lots more photos of Mr. GQ Zeus!

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@triciakoontz, I'm so glad you posted that because I actually bought that same front clip harness about a while ago to use with him, but on the first day of puppy class in January the instructor urged us not to use any harness at all! She said to use a flat collar, which is what we usually have on him, but as the classes went on, I saw more puppies with prong collars on, so I asked her about it and she said it was a fine training tool. BUT, I see exactly what you say. With the prong on, he's an awesome walker. Without it? VROOOOM! .. Which is why I'm probably going to sign up for the Loose Leash Walkers Anonymous class that the Fenzi sit is offering so I can have it in my library to use. I definitely don't want to hurt my little big guy in any way. Thanks for the info and the reads!

@ECIN ... LOL! I knooooow. I credit all of you guys for not letting me give up in my moments of frustrations. Posting is going OMG so much better! Zeus doesn't fight nearly as much and actually laid down and just let me do my thing the last time I redid them! He still doesn't like when I put the tape around the posts, but it's 1000000x's much better than before. I need to give him more credit. I usually think "pfffft, he'll never do that" when I see what I view as miracles of super calm and behaved dogs doing awesome things, but I have to remind myself that he's only give months old even though he's a big guy (50.5 lbs!) and is an excitable baby still. :)

(@melbrod, lol! Fixed. Apparently, I've gotten so used to mentioning you that my fingers type your name automatically!)

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Not my post.....give credit to TriciaKoontz for a thoughtful post with lotsa good links about prong collars and front clip harnesses :)
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