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Long awaited Gracie pictures!!!

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These are all I have right now. I will try to get more over the weekend or next week.

First I would just like to add. The blanket she is curled up in is her own blanket. I got it as a Christmas gift and she stole it from me. She will seek out this blanket and curl up on it and or under it. :)

That's it for right now. Unless I find time today to take a few more. :)
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Awwwwwh! Make sure you have that blanket packed and ready to go when I swing by to pick her up!
Gracie's_Mom said:
When are you coming? She will be ready and waiting. :) I took her bye bye today and she was the worst dog. She was in the back seat to start out. Then she jumped into the front seat. She tried to get on my lap. I wanted breakfast so I went and got some. So while I was waiting in Drive Thru, she knocked my shifter out of drive. She learned how to open the sun roof. This was all in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes.

NO! You're making it all up, you should be ashamed of yourself!! :mad: My Gracie would never do such things!
brumwolf said:
Aahhh all those clever things and all in 15 mins, before you know she will have learned to drive!!Brains and beauty such a rare combination.
:emo: :largegr: :emo: :largegr:
And BACK OFF Jess there is only room for one dog thief on this forum and he happens to be an Englishman living around this area somewhere!!!!!!!!
:stop: :devil_1:
LOL, hahaha! I'm CLOSER to Gracie, I'll get there sooner!!!! Try and stop me!!!:boldblue:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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