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On the Feb 28 Loki went to the VCA hospital in West Los Angeles. He has a large lump, very hard, about 9" x 10" outside of his ribcage near his elbow.
They did general anesthesia, CT scan and fine needle aspiration assisted by ultrasound and got 13 slides. They used desmopressin and cyroprecipitate to assist in possible bleed due to Vwd affected and bruise history. They cannot do an actual slice biopsy due to fears related. All eyes were on these results at one of the best pet hospitals in US.


We feared they would find hemangiosarcoma and it could still be there, because the results are inconclusive. ARGHHHHH. 5k to be paid back by Embrace.....

All his blood work is normal, and all his organs are normal. We are using Yunnan Baiyao 4g / 8 orange capsules per day, Arnica 200 cc and Arnica gel topically. He gets 400 gabapentin 3x per day and codeine 2x 45mg per day. He is improved today. I gave him the "emergency red pill in YB" last night, and the small bruise he had is stable and fading. Bruise spreading is a big concern at this time. He is happy, wagtail, and eating normally.

Today he starts on a steroid, we have not got the call to pick it up yet. I am frustrated why they did not try this approach some time ago.
Please say a prayer of your choice for our baby, he will be 4 on the 10th. It looks like he will at least make that milestone. We are feeling some anxiety relief. :p:p:p馃挃:)

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Loki looks so happy in the picture, that is very important. I hope he keeps on going like that :love:
He generally is a very happy and well balanced canine. We are happy that we gave him the best possible life experience so far- about three hikes off leash weekly, not very long but full of fun.
We are going to try harder to keep him and Bella from playing and not take him on any thing like a long walk for a month now. Dogtors orders! The lump seems smaller and we got prednisone 20mg 1x per day. The vet also prescribed 45 mg codeine, which we tried 30mg, and it caused mild stool softening and excessive pissing.

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3-17-2023 Loki is getting 400mg Artiminisin at noon each day. Plus: 2 Yunnan Baiyao, 800ck Arnica and 350mg Gabapentin, each 3x per day His tumor is reduced, but still about a 38d size

if you or anyone here is curious about Artiminisin, this is why I am trying it. Or shall I say at least I found something to try as the conventional vets can't help Loki.
How Artemisinin Works
.Artemisinin reacts with iron in the body. How could that help with cancer?
Well, cancer cells take up more iron than normal body cells, because of their habit of rapidly dividing.

More Iron Uptake Creates Free Radicals Which Damage Cancer Cells
This iron uptake creates free radicals, which are little unstable atoms that can cause major damage in the body.
Normally, this is not good, because we don鈥檛 want healthy cells to encounter free radicals.
But when those free radicals are in cancer cells, it鈥檚 actually a good thing.
The free radicals caused by the extra iron in cancer cells react with parts of the cancer cell to cause injury.
Since normal body cells have much less iron, they are less affected by this damage.
Again, when it comes to cancer, more free radicals (inside cancer cells) is desirable.
But that鈥檚 not all that artemisinin does!

Other Artemisinin Benefits
Some of the other properties that artemisinin has shown in studies include:


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curious - is the Gabapentin the same that they give for humans? What mg is it?
Don't know what amount Loki might be on but the gabapentin used on dogs is exactly the same as the one used on people--the dosage differs and on dogs it's sometimes used for off label use but for which it is effective.

Ooops I see he's getting 350 mg--that's a pretty high dose (I take 700 mg per day--gabapentin comes in 100mg and 300 mg--can't remember if they make it in 200mg.


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Looks like 100, 300, 400, 600, 800 mg, are available, in a capsule, a tablet, and an extended-release (long-acting) tablet form.

I don't see any 200, but the regular tablets can be split--they are scored (you can't split the others) It is mentioned though, that if you split a tablet, you should take the second half the next time you take a pill.

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Vet gave us 600mg Gabapentin for Neo after his neutering on Thursday and said just administer every 8 hrs. as needed, if he had continued pain. Hard to tell with Dobes as they are experiencing pain, so I gave full dose first day then tapered off over next couple days. Read where it blocks nerve pain from rear legs/back? Neo also got Galliprant 60mg once/day for 5 -days after surgery (NAISD). Think that DW takes Gabapentin for feet neuropathy?
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