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Maybe this is not appropriate because you have a very good vet and trust him competely and everything is fine - in this case just forget what I am writing now.
But - if there are significant deviations in your pups bloodwork I would check in with a specialist. I have made not so good experiences with vets who always give antibiotics when they find "something", hoping it might go away and saying: come back in two weeks.
There are wonderful specialists out there, in this case maybe a vet for internal medicine. The visit there costs you a little bit more but not really much. My cardiologists office fees were 20 bucks more compared to my standard vet. Laboratory costs and medications cost me less because they had it all on premisses. What I learned for myself: when my dogs will have issues or real symptoms in the future, I will always go to a specialist, right away, without asking the standard vet. No more antibiotics and wait and see.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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