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Limping Pup

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My little doberdude has started limping on his back right leg. :sadcry:

It's almost like he is turning that foot in and limping. Sometimes it is more noticeable than others. (Sometimes you can hardly tell, unless your looking for it)

Wish him luck, I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon. :sadcry:
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Poor kiddo... Good luck and make sure to let us know what the Doc says...
Good Luck!!!
Malika had a limp when when she was
A pup, from wrestling with Bella.
I took her to the emergency.
They took me to the cleaners!
But, it was peace of mind and I really should have had her insured.
She ended up just having a sprain after all.
I have the AKC Pet Insurance on my dogs and it has been great so far.

He has a sprained knee :( He put him on Rimadyl and told me to limit his activity, if its not significantly better by Tuesday, bring him back and do x-rays. :( My poor little puppy.
Feel better! I understand how you feel, my pooch was limping a few months back (started in Sep. or Oct. or so) so we took him in... and got sent to an orthopedic specialist to get x-rays! He ended having a toe amputated. I must say I got very little sleep that night. ;)
Rimadyl's good stuff, but watch Rommel. If he gets sick to his stomach, let your vet know right away. Most dogs can handle it, but some can't stomach it. He probably just tweaked his leg doing what puppies do, and he should be fine before too long.
Good Luck Rommel.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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