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I purchase McCoy's health insurance from Embrace. I also considered Trupanion, but chose Embrace for the reason Dobegal mentioned... They offer an annual deductible vs a per incident, which is simply a matter of choice.

A few things:

- Different insurance companies have different exclusions. Make sure that any policy that you pick covers the common health issues prevalent in the Doberman breed.For example: DCM, Bloat/Torsion and Wobblers. Different companies may also deal with "preexisting" conditions in slightly different fashions.

- I suggest that you actually speak (or chat live) with a company rep before you make a decision on both an insurer and a particular set of options. Insurance can be a bit more complicated that it initially appears, and it is best to have any and all questions answered upfront.

- Insurance premiums are not static and will most likely rise over the course of the dog's age. This occurs as the dog ages and veterinary costs in your area change/increase.

- It is best if you get your insurance ducks in a row as soon as your pup comes home. The sooner that you have an approved policy in place the less likely you will have to deal with a preexisting condition exclusion or denial.

Best to you

John Lichtwardt
Portland OR
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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