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The favorite puppy/adult pictures had me looking through my photobucket account and made me realize just how many stupid and/or hilarious pictures I have of my dogs. I figured I'd share, and hopefully the rest of you will too! These dogs can be so goofy.

Nietzsche likes to wipe his face on the grass or carpet after eating or drinking. Here, he was doing it at the dog park, but it looks like he just face planted.

This is Liberty's "No more pics, MOM!" face:

This is the "I just jumped in the big blue thing into some wet stuff I have never encountered before--holy crap--what do I do?" face...

The post-woof face:

Save me from Santa:

Frisbee fail

These guys are friends, I swear.

How do dese leg things work again? (She fell out of the pool)

Seriously! Enough with the flashy box thing!

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Oh gosh, I have no pictures that could equal those in unflattering and ridiculous. Those are fantastic! These are the most ridiculous photos I have of my boy.

This was going to be the most beautiful photo of him, then he ruined it, lol


Save me from Santa:
This is EXACTLY how I feel about pictures with Santa. Poor Nietzsche, lol

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I usually delete the fail photos to preserve my dogs' dignity, but I do have a few.

Totally comfy, right?


All the snow on the tree fell off right onto Shanoa here...she was not pleased.

My face tastes great!

And, I posted this one recently, but it makes me laugh. Simon's very comfortable with us now!
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