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Leash tips as well as ants in my pants?

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Okay! Another post here.. I need tips to get Rocky used to the leash... he HATES it. Sits there and chews on it ( like everything else he comes in contact with *he is 7 weeks old*) or sits and pulls if I try to get him to talk on it, should I put it on when we go for a walk and let him drag it? What are the suggestions... I live in a neighborhood with elderly people and when they see a dobie without a leash they might have heart attacks when hes bigger.

Ants in my pants? Soo am I the only one here who is super anxious for their puppy to get all his shots so he can be socialized? and take him to the pet store and play dates and the beach and for walks?!!! I cannot wait.. when should he be ready for all that? When should all his shots be done?
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7 week old puppy in my opinion, is to young & immature for a leach giving a 6 month old child an
Set your pup up for confidence first, like building blocks.
- focusing on negative stuff that he "hates", slows down the training process & isn't much fun for dog & owner
- work on all fun & play initially w/voice training, get the dog that becomes so happy to please you
- a puppy can learn a lot and not even realize the owner is actually training it, from day1

Now granted, I got my last puppy in February & live in Canada...with snow.
First month...we played every night (for hours) playing till midnight with toys & fetch/come training...sitting on the living room floor.

At 3 months old...We walked a 1/2 block to a nearby park...and I let her drag the leash.

At 4.0 months, short 10-15 minute leash walks.

At 4.5 months, 20-30 minute off leash walk training (on city side streets).

At 5-6 months, formal on&off leash OB training.

At 6.5 months, walked down city main street & crossed traffic light intersections...all off-leash OB.
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Whiskey was leash trained by 9 weeks old. I started him on a 15 foot training lead when I took him outside and I kept him on it in the house to keep an eye on him. I slowly started keeping him on a shorter lead and he figured it out eventually :)
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I don't personally think that 7 weeks is too young for a leash. It's too young for a long walk or a walk of any value, sure, but you can never start training to early (I think).

I'd suggest attaching the leash in the house and then start playing with him. You can let the leash drag behind him but the playing would get him used to the feel of the leash and would distract him from chewing on it. Use lots of treats and toys that he loves. If that doesn't work you could get him playing and active first, then attach the leash and continue the play.

This isn't something Iive actually done, mind you, but it would be the first thing I'd try.
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I noticed on your other thread you were looking for a way to curb his biting and drain some energy so I was thinking maybe walking him around your yard might be a good idea. That way, he gets used to walking on the leash before going out in public and he can learn to potty while on leash which is a huge bonus. You can drop little treats along the way and let him go at his own pace as long as he isn't chewing on the leash. Just a thought :)
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I've already picked up 15 feet of very light weight nylon cord.. bright yellow. I am going to begin training with Leia from day 2. I live in the boonies, and it will be very important she learns her boundaries early.

I plan on letting her roam around the yard(which is HUGE), with me walking around with her. As soon as she begins to get near the edge of the woods, I'll step on the 'leash', and say "STOP". Then, I'll follow with gently pulling her toward me as I say "Come". Hopefully, that early training will set the tone.

Living way out in the country definitely has it's pluses, but it can also have it's dangers. We have bear, wild cats and coyotes. I don't have neighbors, (other than family... but, I can't even see their houses), I don't have roads and traffic, nor any other large dogs around.
tieing a dog on a tieout seems to leash break them quick, but always supervise them and give treats when they settle. dogs & pups at our shelter have to learn like that, and ive had good success doing it that way with my dogs. they enjoy their area once they get used to it.
I'd suggest attaching the leash in the house and then start playing with him.
I agree...I usually get a cheap flat nylon leash from the Dollar Store, cut off the "loop" at the end, so it's smooth and doesn't get caught on as much stuff....and the pup wears it in the house. It also gives your arm some extra length for times when puppy is misbehaving, or getting into can just grab the end, instead of having to catch up to puppy.

He'll also get used to having it dragging, and you picking it up....

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