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No, dragging is not a good thing. Maybe some gentle tugs of encouragement on the leash would be beneficial. Maybe try moving real quickly as if you are running away from him while calling him to you with your back turned. Most puppies love the "chase mom or dad" game.
Maybe bring a favorite or loud toy or some special treats for baby puppies for added encouragement for walking nicely on leash.

Young puppies such as the adorable Toro can't and shouldn't take walks that are too long. Not good for their growing joints.
Plus, Toro probably gets distracted often when walking on leash, and that is okay and normal. Don't expect too much at his young age.

Keep the walks short, fun, and positive. Right now is a building block to his future of walking on leash, practice the basics, keep sessions short, upbeat, and praise him often.

I agree with Bug, for young puppies I like to keep everything very light. Light thin leashes and plain buckle collars too. I am also a fan of slip leads since they are so easy (if you don't have a monster puller, I had to change the slip lead with my male at around 4.5 months).

Also, I would make sure he isn't stopping b/c he is tired or too hot. The summer heat can really take a lot out of a young puppy.

Good luck. =)
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