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Okay, so I hate this section and I am struggling with typing this out. Chatty, I am so sorry, I can't even read Himmy's yet, but know I'm crying with you--I loved your handsome boy.

Anyway, Kylie is gone.

I really thought I'd be typing that about ten or fifteen years or so from now, with her setting some kind of record for longest-lived crazy Dobergirl. She was so seemingly indestructible, even when she was maiming and mutilating herself, in her over-the-top boundless exuberance.

I guess I haven't wanted to talk about it. I am weary of having to say goodbye to family members. I lost my ancient, grand old man, Mudshovel, a little over a year ago, and Ezra just the year before that.

Back to the fawn girl...

Some of you know that Kylie had a lot of issues, some clearly an artifact of the terrible crap life she led before I adopted her from a Kentucky-based rescue group, some likely a result of her poor breeding.

Despite all this, Kylie accomplished a heck of a lot, in her time with me.

I also owe her a lot. She taught me the need for patience in the extreme, the need to be creative and really stretch to see things the way a dog would see them.

She taught me some dogs, no matter how you try to change them, will always be predators.

She got me into agility, a sport I adore and hope to participate in for life, now.

There's so much more, but I find I can't talk about it just yet.

So, Kylie and I went thru some things these past few weeks and none of the diagnostics could really pin things down, but the combination of the escalation of her existing issues, along with some seizure activity, and neuro deficits, led us to suspect a brain tumor.

I had the vet come to my home and help her cross. I did not have a necropsy done, and so the questions remain, but I do know she was exhausted and so was I, and I pray she is whole and well and at peace now.

She was such an outstanding, phenomenal dog, in so many ways, difficult and complex, but one of my greatest teachers of life-lessons ever.

To those of you writing privately to express condolences, thank you. No idea how much your words mean to me.

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My deepest and sincere sympathy/ this year has been tough on you and I pray it gets better yesterday! A legacy of getting you into agility is a pretty good one, and her spirit will run with you and inspire you every time you compete. I am so so sorry you had to say goodbye to her early, but glad she isn't suffering.
rest in peace awesome kylie and huge (((hugs))) Karen

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I am soo soo sorry I know you did your best for her and she is at peace at the bridge with Casper, Rogan, Ezra driving poor Mudshovel nuts with their doberteen antics.

Thank you so much for giving her the only love she ever knew in her to short life

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I am so terribly sorry to hear this. There are no other words to say really--except that I am so terribly sorry.

Dogs are never with us for long enough. It must be the reason dogs are so good at loving and giving and sharing time with us--they have to squeeze all their wonderful personalities into a short time here with us and it comes out all concentrated.
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