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"Kohl" is home.

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So DH picked up Kohl's ashes and paw print yesterday.. DH isn't doing so well but for me it is just nice to have "Kohl" back home again. Still had the melt down when I looked at the box.. He is in his place in our entertainment room where he slept and played.

Did you put together a shadow box or anything with your dogs collar and tags?
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Cody is resting on our mantle in the family room. they put his ashes in a beautiful carved wooden box (so it doesn't look creepy at all). It is there with his collar and favorite toy.

His favorite place to hang out was on the loveset right next to the fireplace.
I had my one cat cremated. She was my little angel.....some people think it is weird.......I don't. I kind of made a little memorial box for her with her collar and her favorite ball. They are in a little marble box....grey and white...just like the color of her fur. Even though it has been over 4 years.....I still miss her.......but, it surely doesn't hurt as bad. Time has healed me. I had to make the decision to put her to sleep. But, I know it was for the best. I guess eventually I'll have a whole shelf full of memorials and urns as each pet passes away......but, I think that is ok!
Good to hear that he is home again. In time the grief will lessen and give room for more joyous memories and smiles...
I'm happy that he is home with you. I think that it helps to have that spot of memories to look on. I will have each of mine cremated and a box for each of memories with collars and special memories to look at. For me pictures are a must so I can remember the funny times that we had. My family told me that I will need a room dedicated to the pets of my life.
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