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Knowing Kohl's history...

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He is three and has kidney failure.. Do you think we can still do agility classes this fall? We haven't consulted with our vet yet because she is on holidays. We have to enroll ASAP.. Do you think it would be okay for him to attend? He has still been throwing up and peeing a ton.. It isn't that I mind cleaning up the mess.. I just want to do the fun things with him. What would you do or say to someone that is bringing their sick dog to agility classes?
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From a medical standpoint i have no idea how bad of an idea it is. If you want to have fun with him and continue to challenge him there are plenty of easy pieces of equipment he could start on. Doing jumps and weaving may not be ideal, but running through tunnels and chutes and walking up frames could be okay.

As long as the instructor and your classmates know he's not 100% and you take things slow. Have you spoken to the instructor to get his/her thoughts? They may steer you away from classes for a little longer.
Oreokitty said:
He has still been throwing up and peeing a ton
Doesn't that answer your question for you? A vomiting dog is a dog that doesn't feel good.

I wouldn't consider doing agility (of all things) with a dog that wasn't 100%.
I'd assume not since he will probally be on some kind of fluid restriction adn ti will make him want to drink. He will probally wear out to easilly too.
I really don't know if I'd do agility with Kohl. I would do obedience with Kolh. Not so exhausting for him. If someone brought their sick dog to a class that I was attending I would not be very happy at all. I hope Kohl feels better. Poor Boy!!!
The other dogs should not have to deal with urine and/or vomit in the area where they are working. Neither should their owners and neither should the owner of the facility, IMO.
yeah I think I am with everyone else. I understand completely that you want to do all the fun stuff with Kohl...I'd say pass on the agility classes too...but maybe talk to your vet and ask him if there are any activities that you could do with kohl...maybe some can be considered good for him...or theraputic :) I dont know :)
I agree with all.
I would concentrate on your dogs health first.
I hope you don't enroll your dog. Since you asked the question, I will say this, to tell you the truth I think it would be cruel at this point.
I'm no vet by any means, but if I were in your shoes, although I know you really want to do the agility, I'd pass on it at this point. I'd concentrate on maybe back yard OB when Kohl is having good days and enjoy that work and time with him. Honestly, I would be very upset to be attending classes and see a dog stop to vomit or urinate in mid-class. I remember my OB classes with Lex, I was bothered by a couple that had an older dobe in with us, b/c the dobe was so slow and obviously reluctant to move, and limping on top of that, clearly uncomfortable, yet they pushed through every class with her. :( Including small jumps
Thanks guys.. We aren't enrolling Kohl in Agility...
That's a good decision Oreokitty. We can see you care greatly about Kohl and hope you can find another way to learn and have fun together.
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