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Know anything about CKC papers?

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The papers we got with Belle are "Continental Kennel Club"? Is anyone familiar with this? I never heard of it. thanks
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The Continental Kennel Club is one of the registries that has been created by the "pet industry" as an alternative to the AKC, they started doing that when the AKC actually started imposing some regulations on them. the ConKC will also register dogs that are not eligible for AKC registration.
the ConKC will also register dogs that are not eligible for AKC registration.
Including mixed breed dogs.

The registration isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
Rommel is also registered through the CKC. His mom wasn't AKC registered, his dad was. It has been the biggest PITA, I cant register him with UDC until I get him neutered. So I couldn't get an ADWF score book. He is also listed as a "mixed breed" through Schutzhund USA because he isn't AKC registered.

Oh....the things we learn :)

I wouldn't worry about it Belle's Mom. Your never going to breed her, so it shouldn't matter where she is registered. Once she is spayed, you can get an AKC ILP# and compete in obedience or agility, or whatever you like. Just love her and learn for next time :)
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what is a akc ILP#??
Indefinite Listing Privilege. The animal has to be spayed/neutered, and you send the AKC photos of them, to prove that they look like they're purebred. You can compete in AKC performance events with an ILP number.
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