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Hello DT!

Hows everyone this morning (or it's morning where I live anyways)

Now my question to everyone, is how angry do the kijiji ads make you?
Personally I'm getting kind of miffed reading all these ads advertising "king" Doberman and the like, and the BYBs not offering health testing of any kind.

What I'm going to do is write out an informative kijiji ad for future Doberman owners. It'll be posted under the Toronto kijiji for biggest audience (possibly craigslist too), and any other kijiji/craigslist cities that you guys want to ad yours to.

I was thinking:
*What a Doberman SHOULD look like...(not a 140lb freak) and that there is NO SUCH THING as a king Doberman (and why an oversized dog is bad) + pictures.
*Breed standard + link to CKC.
*Good breeders in Ontario and Québec and a list of vets who do crops + contact info.
* What to avoid in a breeder.
*What health testing should be done, and why.
*About ear posting.
* Exercise requirements of the average Dobe.
* Price break down of buying from a BYB as compared to a breeder
*Helpful links to Dobermantalk and an invite to come learn.

(Possibly looking to start a Kijiji welcome thread to direct people to from the kijiji ad with DT links to helpful posts)

Any thoughts or imput? Also ANY info you think would be helpful

I know this won't stop it, but if it deters even some people from BYBs then it's a sucess. I already go through Kijiji ads reporting any ad that advertises purebred with out being registered to CKC/AKC (Which under Ontario law and Kijiji terms of use is illegal)



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I've seen a couple informative posts by users for different dog breeds as well as other animals, so I don't think they'll mind too much.

As long as it isn't personally attacking someone I don't think it'll hurt anyones feelings but the BYB's haha but that's why we save a copy of it to repost

ALSO if any Mods see this, alot of the educational articles I wanted to link to are broken and don't work properly

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Why don't we start "selling" cd/dvd/digital downloads of "proper puppy info" or some such. If they only like ads that sell something, set up a paypal account for one of the rescues and charge $.50 for an email with links to the good breeders/info?
This ^
That's an awesome idea

I'm trying to compile good info but short enough to be on an ad...still gathering :)
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