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Karma's 1st tracking lesson (age 4 months)

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We were able to meet with the co-breeder and a few other Doberman folks yesterday for an informal training session. Karma and I got some beginner Obedience lessons and our 1st tracking lessons. Here she is with my husband David on her 3rd "track"


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She looks like she is getting the hang of it quite quickly.
She picks up things fast. her Mother is so stubborn I never even thought about doing any performance with her. But this pup just loves to work, The nice thing is (for me at least) as she lives with a pack of Italian Greyhounds that she also can be laid back like her mom.

brumwolf said:
She looks like she is getting the hang of it quite quickly.
That picture just brings a big smile to my face. She looks too small and adorable to be tracking.
She looks like she is loving it! Great Pic. It is so cute to see puppies tracking. Ziris did her first "track" yesterday morning. It wasnt a track per say, we started her in the box, but she did very well. Tracking is addictive...hope you enjoy it. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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