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It's now been 12 days since he arrived!

I need more sleep... 馃槀 But loving every single moments of it!
My JRT took some time to warm up to him but she's being more acceptant/patient with Kai every day.
They're "playing" nearly non-stop when he's awake but she makes sure to remind him who's the boss. 馃檲

There's still a little bit of crying when I put him in his crate at night and a bit of body parts nipping but like everything else it's getting better by the day.

He's nearly 11 weeks old and weighs 8.5kg (19lb).
I am in touch with his siblings' guardians and he seems to be the smallest/lightest of them all, including the females.
He eats between 900g and 1kg (2lb) of raw food every day.
Vet said he was in great condition, let's see if he catches up with them.

Puppy classes are starting in 2 weeks and I need to find a more "specialist" trainer as I would love to try mondioring or IGP/PSA when he's old enough.
(If anyone has recommendations in the South East of the UK, I'd love to hear them)







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What a handsome young man (or a cutie pie--it depends on how mature you want him to be)

Be sure to get lots of pictures with him and your JRT--comparing their relative size changes over time will be fun.

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Kai is a Kutie!

Looks like Kai has a great home, lots of toys and a perfect play partner for a Dobe puppy, a female JRT! (unending energy)
Our new puppy was the smallest male of his litter of ten and weighed 19 lbs. at 12 weeks, which is about 10 lbs. below the male Dobe "average".
His breeder and Dobe veterans here tell me that's not necessarily indicative of final adult size. Like your Kai, he has huge paws to grow into!
He's coming up on 16 wks. now and about 29 lbs. (+10 lbs per month. which is "rule of thumb" at this stage).

Good luck with your baby land-shark and keep the great pictures coming!

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What a handsome pupper!!!

Welcome, Kai!
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Kai is now 12 weeks and 2 days old (but who鈥檚 counting鈥︷煒)
The relationship between him and my JRT is definitely growing into some kind of 鈥減artners in crime鈥 and nap buddies. Can鈥檛 wait to see those 2 and their antics in the coming months/years ;)





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Yup, they look like they could turn into a Bonnie and Clyde duo.

And Kai sure is a handsome dude.
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