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Just wondering....

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If anyone else's dobergirl gained weight after the heat cycle. I just changed her food to a lower calorie one because it's like all of a sudden she is starting to pack it on! I think she is starting to mature more and getting more curves but I just weighed her and was a little surprised.:eek2: Is this normal? She was 8 months on the 6th of March.
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Heh Oakie,
******* is probably putting on weight, because we use Prong Collars remember we are so L - A - z - y and sit on the couch all day eating bon-bons.

lol sorry couldn't help myself

I let both my girls have a heat before spaying them. I found they looked a little fuller / mature. I relate it to young adolescents coming into puberty, blossoming.
She could also be in false heat, my vet never recommended I change the diet at that point in her life, your gal is getting bigger yes, but remember she is still a pup and is going to fill out and grow more. Wait till her chest gets deeper and broader, and her hips and rear, ******* is far from finished. She is a beauty now wait and see how much better she is going to look when she is two, with all her womanly ways.
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