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Just saying Hello!

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Just wanted to say Hi! As I'm new to this website. I have 2 dobies, an almost 2 yr. old name Gaston and his adopted sister Roxy who just turned 1 and was rescue from Atlanta. I show Gaston in conformation and Rally and he just got his Rally Novice Title. I'll be doing things with Roxy a little later as we just got her in June from rescue and she has a few small issues to over come but we'll get there as she is progressing daily. Gaston needed a playmate to rough and tumble with and Roxy fit the bill perfect!!! They are best buddies and he is helping her with her confidence.
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Hi LTH and welcome to Dobermantalk. I also have two, a male Nash and a female Da'Kari. They are 10 months apart in age with my female being the oldest, and I know what you mean about them playing together, what better than another Dobe to burn off all that energy.
Hi there and welcome! I am new as well about a week or so and so glad I found this website. Everyone is great here! Good luck and post some pics of the pooches please.

Hello and welcome, hope you enjoy! :)
Welcome to dobetalk from myself and my gang here in the U.K.
OK I'm new here, how do you post pictures in these forums?
Welcome LTH

go to the...Off Topic Chat - Non Doberman Related page and you will at the top, a topic about hosting pictures.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures:)
Welcome LTH
I hope you enjoy the site, I do have to admit it is great to be able to talk to other Dobie owners. I look forwards to seeing some pics.
Hello and welcome to the forum. I am sure you will have lots of fun here!
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