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TracyJo said:
Just got back from the vet clinic. At 8 months old, Chi weighs a whopping 55.6 pounds - she's grown so much since I got her and she was less than 10 pounds!
Things have been super busy around here. The temp is back up in the 70's and the sun is out, so we've been spending as much time outside as possible.
After watching a few episodes of "The Dog Whisperer" I decided to try his 1 hour a day walk (sometimes it's not a complete hour but we make up for it in speed :) and being "calm and assertive". I can not believe how well this works. Who would have thought that our dogs just want to be told what to do in the right way??? :)
Mark was having issues with keeping Chi off the couch last night. I simply got up, took her by her collar and had her climb into her chair. I told her to "down" and then "stay" - very calmly and assertively :) Within a minute after, she was content and asleep. Dinner time is the same way, she used to be pretty good but about 1/2 through she'd start begging and just become a pain. Not so much anymore - calm and assertive :) I really like how his techniques are so similar to those I've read about in "Culture Clash". I ordered his new DVD the other day and will let y'all know what I think about it when it gets here.
I have heard that "Culture Clash" is really good. I didn't know there was a DVD. When you get it tell me what you think,please. Sound like Chi picked it up quickly. Good Chi.
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