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Hi Everyone
Let me tell you about my dobies. I have four of them. I have a pair of Black and Rust and a pair of Whites. The Blacks was the first ones I got. The male is named Slick and he's a clown.He's four years old. His weight is one hundred and ten pounds. He's a big boy. My Black female is right at ninety poundsand her name is Millie. She thinks she a diva. She has had pups twice now and the pups was big and beautifull.
Now let me tell you about my Whites. The female is named Hiedi and she about seventy pounds. She is eighteen months now and her third heat will be in December and I plan on breeding her. She thinks everyone that come over is to see her. She a real show off. Now the male he is ten months now and just plan groffey. His weight is eightyfive pounds and his name is Bluemoon.
All I can say is they are my babies and the best mannered dogs that I have ever had. I live in the country so they have lots of room to run and check things out. There most fun is chaseing the squirels. They haven't got any so far that I know of. Plus Slick likes to get in the swimming pool. We had to take the ladder down cause we have had to replace two liners in the pool this year. Oh and don't put a ladder next to the house or he will climb it. Found him on the house a few times.
Now Bluemoon ( AkA Moon ) thinks all my rose bushes are for him to dig up and drag around the yard. Had to put a hot line around them to save them. Hiedi thinks she belongs in the house all the time checking out what I do. I think the darn girl can use a computer by the way she watches me on it .LOL. Millie is just a big sweet girl who watches over all the other dobes. She is kind of the boss if you know what I mean.
Well Im sure your tired of hearing so much so I will go and Please e-mail me on your kids.
Take Care All
Patricia DIane Sellers
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