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Junior Handler

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O.K. I have been going video mad over the weekend we were at my wife's mothers and the B.I.L. kids were there so the littlest one decided he was going to do O.B.with the Tia(the easiest one by far)just had to video it,he gave a few wrong commands but she gets the idea of what he wants.And "Good Girl"is her release command.
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Awwww bless!! Tia is such a good girl isn't she!! You're gonna be out of a job soon then :)
Very good (and very cute)! I bet my Junior could pick up a pointer or two.
That's so adorable! Tia, poor girl, I didn't know you were deaf...HAHA! He's a cutie, Brum...and certainly could NOT have a better teacher! Thanks for sharing.
That's great Brum!!! Tia looks very attentive!
awwwwww, what a sweet girl Tia is. That video is just too cute!!!
Well, I think you should ship him over here to help me with Orson! Quite the little dog trainer :) (Tia's not so bad either)
I also have to add that when he found she would do his bidding he had to do the same exercise over and over,good job she has the patience of a saint.
Sign him up. He should do real well with her.They would win just for being cutest couple.
Awww. That is too cute. They could win the cutest couple contest for sure. She is very attentive to that reward.
Don't be fooled by the little feller he can raise hell with the best!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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