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Jordan's antics.

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Next time I get a new dog I'm going with a breeder and asking for the dumbest of the dumb. I can not handle a dog smarter then me. I just hope and pray he doesn't realize it as much as I do. This week has been a challenge.

First with the crate. It's useless. I have one more thing to try today after he untied the twist-ties and ate through the velcro straps. I did the zip-its around the whole cage to reinforce and so far they are working but if I use them for the door I'll have to cut them every time so have to think of something else. I'm going to try those small clips that people use for keychains and hope that works. If not then I'm having a steel room built onto the house.

His newest antic is opening doors. The Lord is wonderful in that we've been working all week on our recall and we've needed to use two emergency recalls the past couple days when we figured out that it wasn't a kid letting him out the front storm door but himself. He reaches up very skillfully and opens the door to let himself out. So, if he can do that then surely he can open the inside doors using the doorknob right? Right. No room in the house is safe and the teddy bears in the kids rooms are trembling with fear because wouldn't you know it, all the doors open in.

My only relief at this point is that the front door opens towards the inside of the house so he can't turn the knob and pull it open. And...he seems to respect the bar stools and laundry hamper better then he does the baby gates in front of the stairs.

Mommy is learning how to become a drinker.
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Hehehehehehe.............. If you dont want him, I'll take him :D
What a clever boy!!! Sounds like you have your hands full!
That's funny!

These guys ARE smart.

Try one of THESE:

It's a LOCKING Carabiner. This may stump Jordan, at least until he figures out how to un-screw the sleeve over the gate.
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Hehehehehehe.............. If you dont want him, I'll take him :D
LOL, now you're making me feel bad. Do you have any dumb ones? Maybe more on my level?
Chaz, that is sort of what I was thinking about, UNTIL you told him how to escape even from these. I wouldn't doubt at this point that he knows how to use the internet and read.
lol oh no lol :) Im lucky Duchess doesnt try to challenge her boundaries. Like our front screen door doesnt latch right and all you have to do is PUSH from the inside and it can come open...or my boyfriend's families fence is only like 3.5-4 feet tall....which is easily jumpable...but she just doesnt.

I think it helps that she never jumps up on people or us out of excitement while we are standing or she knows not to go over anything unless she is told.
We are training wait and stay but it all goes out the window once we're out of sight. He thinks when we dissappear it is his release. I'll sneak around a corner though and tell him "uh-uh" and he'll sit back down real quick like he's always been sitting there like a good boy.

What's your secret with Duchess?
LOL, now you're making me feel bad. Do you have any dumb ones? Maybe more on my level?
LOL. Sometimes I wish I had dumb ones! :cwmddd: Rommel is VERY smart. Like I said, he can open his cage, he has opened the back door, he can open the bathroom door, and he generally uses the "Imma sad dog" face to get anything that he wants.

Ziris is very smart too. She is a typical woman....plays dumb, but really knows EXACTLY what she is doing. Ziris makes her own rules :) You really have to stay one step ahead of her.
Oh, alright then. LOL. Boy will I sound like an idiot when I go around asking for breeders of the dumbest dobies on the planet. And, here I am explaining to people that that is one of the things I love about the dobie breed, they are so smart. This is just too extreme. I think he hears me talking and keeps thinking he has to one up himself. I love my boy though, wouldn't trade the tail waggin, floppin eared, too smart for his own good little guy.
Sounds like he and Petey would be good partners in crime! My guy can open the doors inside the house, and is now able to get in the house from outside, from not only the easy to open handles, but the front door as well!

Carol & Petey!
What's your secret with Duchess?
lol I dont know...She did agility when she reached the age to do some jumping...and maybe that helped her realize that jumping over certain things is meant for when she is only allowed to do so....since in Agility they get to know "Jump" as a command

She just really respects her boundaries...the funnniest one is when I have my door to my room partially closed JUST enough that she can't get through...but she could EASILY push it open...but instead she looks at me through the open part and yelps and acts like she is asking me to open the door completely so she can come in lol :)

As for not jumping on us or people...we just never encouraged it and always pushed her off if she tried when she was a tiny puppy and could only reach our knee lol....and taught her "settle" now she wont even if we ask her to jump up on us when we are standing...she will just prance around and look at us like she wants to but doesnt know how! haha.
Smart cookie he is. Mine are teaching the cat to open doors. He watches them do it and thinks he *might* be smart enough to pull it off. He hasn't figured out how to unlock the front door yet though. The dogs know how to unlock the doors though also. And the doors that swing in towards them, forget it. They open those. Once the door pops, they work their noses inbetween to open it. I have my doors latched and reinforced for those reasons. Even my fence is dog proof since they know how to open that.
The fence we were smart with because Cleo could definitely open it. We have it latch from the outside and they can't touch the latch. He just works at something until he gets it and then that's that.

He's doing great at jumping. He never really has the kids except when play got too rough but he knows that is good for only time outs now so he only starts to jump on me when I get home. Now he doesn't jump on me anymore but just at me and then falls short. Better then before I guess. He does know that he doesn't get touched at all until he sits like a gentleman though. We don't even talk to him until he sits nice.

I've thought about trying agility with him maybe in a few months. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that he'll pass his CGC and TDI but I know that regardless I would like to have some activities for him when the kids are all at school. His first class ends next week and I'll probably start at the kennel club next when it starts back in September. Hopefully we can stay busy enough without getting board between then.
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