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First off I want to thank everyone for all your kind words in my previous post.

I finally made my decision and made an appointment at the Vet for her. My gurl Jezebel took the decision from me and passed away on her own peacefully in her sleep on her favorite couch with me and Chance sitting next to her. She passed quietly and without pain.

Her seizures stopped entirely two days prior. As a Army Medic (prior) I know this occurs very often just before death with people who have seizures.

We buried her today near my art studio and I am making a memorial for her. We were in the process of the plans for our yard already. Now the waterfall will be about 25 feet from her and the rock creek-bed will flow just past her grave to a pond nearby. There will be trees, a bench, a Jezebel statue wearing Jezee's spiked pink collar and her princess tiara.

Yes, Jez had her very own tiara she would wear proudly. She also loved having her nails done. I would dremel file them and paint them while she sat perfectly still until they were dry. Then prance and wiggle to show everyone how pretty she was.

What a princess she was...

...And always will be to me.

I have many more stories about her that I hope you will all indulge me for a little while.

Rommel and Chance sat guard over her until her box was built and she was buried. He will miss his love I know...But he and Rommel are what will help me heal.

I miss her so very much and I will miss her deeply forever...

RIP peace my beautiful gurl...

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So terribly sorry to hear of Jezebel's passing. For her to go, at home, next to you peacefully is a blessing. You and Chance are going to miss her but it sounds as if you gave her a lovely life and had a wonderful bond.

My thoughts are with you at this really sad time x

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Your emotions in your words tell me how much you loved sweet Jezebel. What a gift you gave her by being with her as she passed over to the Bridge.

I am so very sorry for your loss; RIP sweet tiara-wearing, toe-painting loving girl.

Never Will Forget You
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I am sorry to hear about Jezebel. I know you loved her very much. Ugh it is so hard to let them go, even if it's for the best.

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So sorry for your loss. RIP Jezabel

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Jezebel My Belle

Jezebel my Belle, I had so many nicknames for you
It wasn’t even funny.
Amazing that you always knew these were special
just for you my sweet honey. .

Although you might not have been
Cinderella, Snow White or any other fairy taled one,
You were my Princess ever so bright,
and I could not have loved you less each and every night.

You ran and wiggled to and fro
even if you had no actual place to go.
You’d play catch,
Ok, so you’d just to steal the ball,
Only to chew it up in the hall.

You danced around in circles
when you had to pee,
Always making sure
everyone felt your glee.

You carried around
your precious silver bowl,
Not for food or because
you were hungry and wanted it filled,
Just so everyone could know
It was Princess Jezebel’s prized possession.
In fact, to those unbelievers who would fill your precious bowl
you’d dump it at their feet as if
they were the biggest fools.

I will miss your silky soft fur,
And your growl that scared many…
even though…
…I always knew it was just your purr.

The way you cuddled with me at night
Drove away some prospective mates,
but this you did so I would find the one…
…That would not only love me
but also my cherished ones.

When you were little
and riding in my pack,
never wanting to walk,
even for a minute, you just like that ruck sack.
I realize now, this taught you to piggy back.

There were special things only you could do,
because you were more people than anyone ever knew.
There was a reason we referred to you as a Doberwoman…
Because you were all woman,
never a silly ridiculous man.

I hated seeing you sick,
I knew this day would come,
But it came too quick.
You spoke to God
and spared me the decision,
Cause always protecting me
was your mission.

You saved my life once,
when you were small.
All I could return was to be there,
to protect you and help you not fall.

I will leave you to rest now,
Beside a flowing brook
and a pond at your back,
With tears in my eyes,
I can’t promise I won’t look back.

Don’t be surprised
when you see me sitting
Beside your resting place,
wishing once more
That I could see your sweet, sweet face.

I love you Jezebel, my Princess, for Ever and Always,
June 28, 2012

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So sorry for your loss. Take comfort that she was in her favourite place & with those she loved the most when she crossed the bridge.

RIP sweet Jezebel, run free at the bridge precious dobergirl.
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