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Jenna's story

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Jenna is 4 yrs old. She has an interesting story, sad but with a happy ending,

We have had Rudy since he was 10 weeks old; Jenna since she was almost a yr and half.

I had wanted to get a black and Tan female after we got Rudy. ( Not for breeding both are fixed ). I was at a friends place looking through a agricultural newspaper for Western Canada. It was funny becasue I never looked for dogs before in there just horses. I happened to glance at the dogs that day and there was Jenna, the ad read , non cropped adult female Doberman, black and rust. I thought cool I am going to have to call. She was the only one in the paper, no other Doberman's.

I called and the lady said yes we still have her, we have had some calls but they want her cropped and she is natural. I said that is fine with me I want to come and see her and see if she gets along with my male Dobe. So off we went the next day.

Jenna was in the kennels she has set up there and was smiling and happy to see us. She was wagging her tail so hard she was shaking her whole body. She let her out and Jenna played with Rudy they got along quite well.

We went inside and took the dogs with us. The breeder had both parents on site and both were very sweet nice dogs.

She proceeded to tell us Jenna's story. Jenna was sold as a 8 week old pup to a man who wanted to breed her. She was sold uncropped as that is what he ask for. For the next 6 months Jenna was abused and neglected. The breeder went to check on her and found her in such a horrible state she took her back. The Breeder never said what had happened to Jenna but she did say Jenna was so fearful of people that it took her from Jenna being 8 months old to Jenna being 17 months old to get her to the point were she felt jenna could go to a new home.

We took Jenna , we were smitten right away with her.

We got Jenna home and she was still fearful and skittish but she was and still is a very sweet and kind girl. She would not go through doorways , she would not go on the linoleum floor, if you raised your voice happy or mad, at all she cowered and trembled in fear, if you clapped she trembled in fear. If Hubby and I got in argument she ran and hide, there was so many things she was frightened of. She did not know how to play with dog toys and to this day she doesn't really know how to fetch a stick or ball. It was very sad but she was safe now. Rudy taught her a lot about being a dog and we loved her and doted on her. Jenna still has issues but she is not secure in her life and her house. She endured so much. I am positive she was yelled at constantly, dragged through doorways, thrown outside, hit, dragged over the floors. It was awful what happened to her but I am so glad we found her it was like fate.

I changed her name, her registered name is Makenna, I thought she deserved a new name. So Jenna it is.


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Oh my God, the poor little sweetie. Thankfully your breeder was on the ball and did a follow up call. Should be more like them in the world! That's the beauty of a registered breeder.

Dobified you've done a fantastic job with Jenna, and it's wonderful that she got a chance at seeing how life can really be, without being PTS and her last thoughts were of some mongrel's abuse. I hope he was charged????
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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