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Ive made a decision...

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Ill not be getting another Dober for a while. Maybe in a year or two, but I want to atleast have a house/yard for my next Dobe. I went to pet smart to buy some supplies for my fishies and seeing all the other dogs just made me realize that im not even close to over King yet. I almost walked out, especiall since i used to go there often with King. Im still going to be checking in here, and posting as ive grown to like you guys. Plus I just love Dobes, so I need my fix.

Anyway, just though I would let you all know.
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Thats a respectable decision Tom. Only you will know when you are ready. I am glad that you will still be part of the group though. We are always here for ya :D
Good decision. You will know when you are ready.
Good for you mate,take as long as feel you have to,you will know when the time is right,and as for sticking around you do that too,cuz we've grown to like you!!:)
take your time. When my dalmatian died my mom said we can only get another dog if we put up a fence. It's a wise choice to make..and it gives you the time you need to cope. Well when the time is will make another great dobe owner and will make yet another dobe as you made King :) It's nice to hear from ya!
Hopefully this time I will get the socialization right. King was affraid of his own shadow, lol.
You had better stick around! I can understand your decision - As much as I love the breed, I don't think I will ever own another Pit - A new one could never live up to Storm and would always be compared to her....
I am so happy that you are going to say a member, I always enjoy your comments.. Enjoy it here getting the dobe fix and enjoy your new fish!

I'm new so perhaps I've missed something. First, I'm sorry for your loss. You list King as being 2 years old. He passed away at an early age like that?

As far as the fish, what kind do you have? I've got a 3 foot Arawana that I raised from a baby in a 90 gallon tank. He's a prize winner now.........or dinner........however you look at it I guess :) :) :)
King died at 2 1/4 years. HeHe had chronic skin problems which after 3 specialists, 2 vets and a doggy psychiatrist(thoght it may be a mental problem), we came up with no answer. When the vets told me "there is nothing left to test for" and the meds were no longer working, i decided it was time to put him to sleep. Before i put him down i found out that his heart wasnt working properly causing him to pant regularly.
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