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It's 81 degrees today

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Beautiful, sunny and rather warm. I gave both dogs a bath outside, they seemed to enjoy it, Da'Kari doesn't like a bath at all but she didn't mind this one, it must have felt good to her. Now they are both taking a nap.

Got a new cordless dremel yesterday and used it for the first time today, so much quieter than the corded ones.

It's a 10.8V Dremel Lithium-ion Cordless and after using it on both dogs it still has almost a whole charge. LOL should have seen me yesterday at Lowes, I got my first tool!!! I was acting like Mark when he gets new tools. It was his idea to get it for me so I would leave his alone. So not sure who was the happiest! Ha!

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The weatherman has promised us some sun too for the holiday period,maybe bath the pack then ,that is usually a good fight.
Oh you too huh? Da'Kari is a nightmare to bathe, but the last time other than today that she got a bath Mark did it and I didn't hear any noise coming from the bathroom.

Since it's getting nice outside I am going to continue to give her a bath outside and by the time it gets too cold she may be used to it. The thing that I did different was instead of putting her in a tub with water, I took a wash cloth and dipped it in the water and soaked her down then used the washcloth to shampoo her and then took a bowl and used it slowly with warm water to rinse her and she did great! I was so pleased.
Oh gawd, I dont even know how hot it is here.....but I have been trying to level my yard myself, and make new flower beds..and build a wall around my tree.......I am about to die. Thats why I havent been on here as much the last few days...and prob wont for the next few days as well......
I love yard work though, especially love to get out with hubby and work together. I don't like to mow or weed eat but anything else ie. planting and raking I enjoy. We have a 1000 gallon koi pond and we love working around it, can't wait till all the plants and greenery start coming out good, then I will share some pics.
The weather was beautiful here too in Illinois...I went to the dog park with Coco at 10am-11:30am and then with Duchess from 11:30 till 2:30pm!! I only take coco for a little while since he has to wear his muzzle...although today he was the only one there and got to run around with me with no muzzle or leash...then I saw a car pull up and so I put him on the leash...then I put on the muzzle when we were going to run into them soon. Thursday is my free day!!! and I love it!!! I can't wait till classes are done!
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