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Hello All,
This is my first post here on Dobermantalk. I am not a very techie person so hopefully i can figure out how this site works.

I am looking for a young male dog 6 months - 1 1/2 yrs. if the dog knows marker training or clicker training and knows how to learn, then a little more mature dog would work, 1 1/2 yrs.

I have trained 4 of my dogs to have their public access and retrieve objects, open drawers, close drawers, etc. 1 of these dogs passed away a few years ago of a heart attack. 1 of my current dogs who had his public access became fearful in public so he isn't in public anymore. Hopefully the new dog would have the appropriate temperament to do service work. My Cane Corso has her public access and is great in public. Very friendly.

I am not drawn to labs, goldens, or labradoodles. I had Great Danes for 24 years and down sized to American bulldogs and the shepherd X and the cane corso X. The new dog would also be a playmate for my Cane corso who has lots of energy. Two of my sisters had Dobermans, and I loved their dogs.

We live in the country and are very active. I have done a few agility classes with Sophie the Cane Corso. I would want to pursue that with the new dog, not in a competitive way. I am not interested in breeding or showing. I do want a physicallly and mentally sound dog. I want to purchase this dog. I have been looking at numerous rescue sites, but these dogs tend to be middle aged or seniors, and they often come with physical and mental baggage.

I am posting here in the hopes that someone may have a dog or know someone who has a dog that would be appropriate. Maybe a breeder that kept a dog and it didnt have the drive they were wanting. Maybe a dog that had to be returned due to owner’s life changing.

I got my cane corso from a breeder in Tx. Her tail had to be docked shorter than the breed standard as it had a kink in it, otherwise she is a great dog!! I wasnt going to show or breed so this made no difference to me.

I am located outside of Santa Fe, NM. I would hope to find a dog within driving range so I could meet the dog and take Sophie along so they could meet. Hopefully the dog hasnt been neutered as I like to wait til a dog is mature to do that.

If anyone has any leads, I’d greatly appreciate them being passed along.
Thanks for a great site and so many helpful and knowledgeable folks!
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