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Isabelle's treatments start

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Well :goodnews: - her chest x-rays were clean :) She it still currently at the oncologists. I am leaving in a bit to pick her up. She is receiving her first injection for the melanoma. I will talk to the vet about the colon cancer when I get there. She may put her on an alternative treatment for that (herbs), so we shall see. I will let you all know what the vet says as soon as I can. I am hoping for the best! Thanks everybody for all your support :)
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Good news! Get well soon Isabelle!
Thank God for the good news. Keep us updated.
:goodnews: Just read the story, hopefully she gets well soon!
Great news!! Paws Crossed for the good news to keep up! Many thoughts and prayers headed your way!
Get well soon, Isabelle! You are in our thoughts.
Ok - here is the scoop on the colon cancer issue. Surgery to get clean margins is about the only treatment. The main concern with that is that operating on/in the colon is difficult becayse of all the bacteria and stuff in there. So - I can not put Isabelle through any more surgery and her not having control of her bowels would be awful for us, but worse for her. She has only pooped in the house maybe three times since she was potty trained. I couldn't do it to her. The oncologist is more concerned with the melanoma - which is the more aggressive of the cancers. So she got her first shot today and responded by forgetting her manners and dragging the vet techs all over the place. The main comment I got was - I cannot believe how strong she is! So it has been decided to not do surgery (she has definately been through enough) and monitor the colon with rectal exams. She will also be eating some Chinese herbs. That have show good results. So all in all it has been a pretty good day. She will start on her herbs tonight and hopefully they won't upset her tummy. She was so excited to be home and wasn't thrilled that I had to leave to get back to work. I am hoping she is resting while I watch the clock until I can get outta here! The vet commented that doesn't look or act 7 & that she is in great shape aside from the cancer.

Just an FYI - Isabelle is the only dobe they are treating for cancer.
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Get well Isabelle. I will continue to send good thoughts your way.
My heart just breaks for you. I can not even imagine what you must be going thru. Hopefully the shots and the herbs will help her.
Keeping good thoughts for you both. I have heard good things about the melanoma vaccine, so here's to it doing its job!
Hugs to you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Carol and Petey
Glad to here the good news, Ya'll are still in my thoughts and prayers.
I hope her journey will be as gentle as can be, and the out come is good.
Big thoughts and prayers for continuing good news. I hope she can get through this with as little discomfort and down time as possible!
Good thoughts and prayers sent your way.
She cant wait to see you im sure! Hope you both feel better once your together! @-->-- hugs from duch and me!
Tough choices.

Good luck,'re already a survivor, girl.
Thinking good thoughts for her here! Keep us updated.
I think that your "we will get through this" attitude will take you far :) I am happy that it was a good day for you. We will be sending good thoughts your way! Get well soon Isabelle!
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